Having the best lawn mower is essential in keeping your yard healthy and well manicured. Without the right tools, you’re not only wasting your time and energy, you may not even get the results that you want. If you don’t use the right mower, it will be difficult to cut through long grass and areas which are not well patched.

There are many kinds of lawn mower out there in the market, now we have the electric ones that take gas out of the picture. But not all electric mowers are great. To know why, read through to know more.

Here are some things that you need to list down and consider first before even shopping around for a lawn mower:

First check how big your lawn is. The size is very important in choosing a lawn mower. There are types of mowers that are great for smaller yards and others are designed specifically for average to large yards.

You also need to know the slopes of your lawn. Are there steep parts, inclines, and rough areas? This will be very helpful for you to decide which will handle these parts of your lawn.

And of course, it is very important to know how thick your grass is. This is what will help you choose the mower that has the right blade – whether you need a certain shape of blade, size, and how it rotates.
Also, how much is your budget.

Now here are the features of a lawn mower that will determine which is best for you. Choosing the best lawn mower is really dependent on what you need. One mower may be great for your lawn while it may not work well for others:

Check the power – it is important that your lawn runs with enough power to cater to your lawn care needs. Some battery powered mowers either have 24-volts or 36-volts. Ideally you need the higher volts of course if you have a larger yard.

The average walk-behind mowers work from 6 to 10 horsepower while riding mowers are usually between 12 and 18. This will determine your mowing speed. So if you really don’t need that much power, then go for the lower ones because they are of course more affordable.

Compare the weight – whatever type of mower you need, it is always better to have one that is light. This will make the job easier for you. It will help you move faster.

Next is the handling – you need a mower that is easy to maneuver. This will give you less hassle and make your efforts worth it.
Blade – check what type of blade it uses. There are those that are specially shaped for different uses. Some are great for mulching, some for bagging.

Now here are the different types of mowers that will help you assess what to get:

The Push Lawn Mowers – or also called the walk-behind mowers. These are the more affordable ones. They are also very easy to use but it would require some effort to push them. This is ideal for smaller lawns.

Reel Lawn Mowers – these types don’t have an engine. They are also very quiet. These mowers cut closer than motor powered ones. This means you only have to mow your lawn every once in a while. You don’t have to mow very often.

Electric Lawn Mowers – the more advanced type and have more flexible functionality. They are also very quiet. The older types of electric mowers require you to plug in a cord. While the power is great and the functions are very easy, the cords can be very annoying.

The newer versions of electric mowers are the battery powered ones. These are cordless and only require you to charge the battery for some time for full functionality. Most of these are environment friendly which also depends on how much charging power they require. There are those which are energy efficient so they save you money on your electric bills. But the downside here is they don’t cut as deeply as the conventional mowers so you may have to mow your lawn more frequently.

One important factor to consider here is the battery. Check how much time it needs to be fully charged and how long you can use it. Mostly they can run up to 45 minutes to an hour.

Self-Propelled Lawn Mowers – this is ideal for average to larger yards. These are the ones that move according to your pace. Most of these types are also great for slopes and inclines. But remember that they are not necessarily great. You need to check closely if it is easy to maneuver. You want one that has adjustable speed. They are also the more expensive type. But if you choose one that is easy to maneuver, has the right blade, and is also quiet this will be a good purchase since it will save you more time and money in the long run.

Riding Lawn Mowers – Now for really large lawns and fields there are the riding mowers, garden and lawn tractors. They are ideal for yard size one acre and more. These are the most maneuverable and also the most expensive. A riding mower can cost up to $9,000.
So depending on what you really need and how big your lawn is, these are the lawn mowers that you can choose from. Hopefully this helps you pick the best mower for you.