The Greenworks 25092 24V 18” cordless lawn mower is a self propelling lawn mower which makes it very easy to mow your yard without breaking a sweat. The battery life is also impressive considering that a single charge can take you through several tasks on about a quarter of an acre of land (the Black & Decker CM1936 (non-self-propelled) and Black & Decker SPCM1936 (self-propelled) cordless mowers can mow up to 1/3rd of an acre in one charge as they are equipped with 36 volt batteries compared to the 24 volt battery of the Greenworks 25092 electric mower).

When it comes to cordless lawn mowers that give thought to you and your environment, the Greenworks 25092 comes top on the list with a 35% reduction on energy consumption with its 24V battery charger. It also features a Zero carbon footprint, which basically means that the Greenworks 25092 does not release any emissions.

How to operate cordless lawn mowers that are self propelled

The first thing with rechargeable lawn mowers is that they need to be charged before use, and charging the Greenworks 25092 cordless lawn mower is made even easier since you can conveniently remove the battery and charge it indoors.

Operating the Greenworks 25092 is made swift by the self-propulsion on 7”-front and 8”-rear wheels, as well as height settings that can step to 7 levels on a single lever. All your mulch is bagged in a convenient rear compartment, and in case you need to take it a notch higher, you simply need to use the mulching plug for that added touch.

When done using your Greenworks 25092 24V 18” cordless lawn mower, you simply need to fold it up with the cam-locking handle and safely stow away.

What the users have to say about battery powered lawn mowers like the Greenworks 25092

As if reading from the same script, a majority of the Greenworks 25092 24V 18” users loved how noiselessly it works with no odors, the self-starting propulsion that picks easy, and in ergonomics such as the molded handle for added comfort on your hands as you mow away. A suggestion for speed regulation would however be appreciated for those who may not keep up with the default speed.

Greenworks have several cordless lawn mowers, and the Greenworks 25092 has proven to be one among the best.