The Greenworks 25072 push reel mower is a durable and very efficient manual mower that is also versatile.

Unlike ordinary push reel mowers, the 25072 includes a grass catcher so you can collect clippings when you need to.

Perfect for people who…

The Greenworks 25072 is perfect for those who are looking for a simple yet efficient manual mower for their homes. It can help keep both you and your lawn healthy. Unlike most push reel mowers and even the new ones in the market, this mower features a 5-blade design which makes it very easy to cut through grass. It is also safe and cost efficient. Now you can have a powerful and efficient mower without the cost, hassle, and safety hazards of gas. You also won’t have to worry about charging batteries or electricity bills. This is perfect for smaller yards.


Like all Greenworks products, the 25072 push reel mower is also designed with double the industry standards. It is perfect for long term use.

It comes with a 4 year parts and labor warranty.

Lightweight and Maneuverable

Greenworks 25072 push reel mower is also lightweight. It weighs only 30.8 pounds and is easy to push with its adjustable handles.

It also features bigger wheels with 6 inch rear wheels and 10 inch front wheels that are also uniquely designed for better maneuverability.

Height Adjustable

It is also easy to adjust the cutting height and has several cutting positions to choose from unlike most reel mowers.

You can adjust the height from 1 ¾ inches to 2 ¾ inches by a quick and simple step. All in all, it has 9 height adjustment positions.

Cutting Width

The Greenworks 25072 features 20 inch cutting width which is wider than most push reel mowers in the market.

This allows you to do fewer passes and cut or mow your lawn faster meaning less fatigue and less time working.

Grass Catcher

The grass catcher is already included and keeps the grass well intact so you can use it to collect grass as well when you need to.

Greenworks 25072 Pros

Very light and easy to push
Cuts grass well
Comfortable handle
Easy to maneuver
More cutting height positions
Clean scissor like cut
Cuts lots of grass in less time
Easy to assemble

Greenworks 25072 Cons

Does not cut the weeds
Grass catcher may fall off so you have to keep it properly in place
Taller grass require more passes
Lowest setting is still a little too high than other push reel mowers
More expensive than other manual/ push reel mowers
Handle is not very sturdy


The Greenworks 25072 is a versatile push reel mower that can also be used with a grass catcher when needed. It is a powerful manual mower that gives a nice precise cut on your grass. It is lightweight and easy to push and maneuver so it will save you a lot of effort and energy. This is perfect for those who have smaller homes or yards and a great alternative to scissors. Most of all, it is durable and is great for long term use.