The Greenworks 25012 electric lawn mower is a lightweight, yet sturdy and powerful mower that is easy to use and efficient.

It can mulch and do side discharge as well. It is durable and comes at a very affordable price with reliable performance.

Perfect for people who…

This electric mower by Greenworks is great for mulching and side discharge and also cuts grass very well. It is perfect for small to average sized yards. Its 12 Amp electric power allows you to do the job efficiently without the hassles and cost of gas. It has a very durable design backed by a 4 year parts and labor warranty great for long term use. It also features innovative functions like its easy height adjustment so mowing your lawn can be an enjoyable and easy task allowing you to spend more time relaxing on your lawn rather than maintaining it.

Power and Durability

The Greenworks 25012 is powered by 12 Amp electric motor great for mowing small to average yards.

Its cutting width is 18” which is wider than most average mowers allowing you to do fewer passes.

This mower is designed with durable steel cutting deck and comes with double standard 4 year warranty on parts and labor.

Easy to Use and Safe

All Greenworks product including the 25012 electric mower ensure zero carbon footprint or zero emissions so it is safe and environment friendly.

It is also safe to use and easy to use so anyone can operate it. The cord lock prevents the cord from disconnecting which makes this easier to use than other corded electric mowers.

Single Lever Height Adjustment

It features 7-position adjustable height which can be easily adjusted with one easy step. Single lever adjusts the height of all the wheels at once.

Maneuverability and Storage

Greenworks 25012 has bigger sturdy wheels – 7” front and rear wheels making it very easy to maneuver even on tight areas or uneven grounds.

The handle has an easy cam lock making it easy to push and fold for easy storage. It is also compact and lightweight.

Greenworks 25012 Pros

Sturdy built
Easy to operate and assemble
Lightweight and easy to maneuver
One step height adjustment
Very long warranty

Greenworks 25012 Cons

It is corded so you may have to use a longer extension cord if you have a slightly bigger yard
You have to get used to the cords but you can use the cord lock to help you manage the cords


The Greenworks 25012 electric lawn mower is perfect for average yards and is great for both mulching and side discharge. It also cuts grass very well with its 12 amp motor. It is more affordable than most electric mowers and is very durable which makes it great for long term use especially with its four years parts and labor warranty. It is safe and easy to operate, easy to maneuver making it enjoyable and easier for you to mow your lawn.