This 18 inch reel mower cuts with scissor-like precision without requiring fuel. It is powered by you to achieve your perfectly groomed healthy lawn.

It is a manual mower which uses advanced technology in its design helping you to do the job easily and efficiently.

Perfect for people who…

This push reel mower is perfect for smaller yards. It is great for those who want a little bit of workout but not necessarily stress. It is easy to push around which allows you to exert just enough effort. The quality is good and maintenance is minimal so you also save money. It also comes at a very reasonable price. You get what you need in one purchase in a product that performs as promised.

Operation and Features

Great States 815-18 features smooth spinning blades allowing you to do fewer passes even on relatively rough patches.

The easy roll wheels make it easy to maneuver. You don’t have to deal with jammed up grass when you turn it around.

It also features easy height adjustment. You can choose from ½ – 2 ¾ with no hassle. This way, you can achieve the cut that you want more precisely.

Assembly is tool free.

Performance and Design

The 18 inch cutting width is actually a bit wider than most basic push reel mowers. This means you can finish the job faster.

Great States 815-18 features the Great States classic 4 spider, 5 blade ball bearing reel that adds more maneuverability.

The 10 inch wheels come with ball bearing and radial rubber tires that roll easily with increased traction.

The bed knife blade is made from tempered alloy steel which gives you a reliable cut.

The blades are also heat treated so they stay sharp longer. It means you don’t have to worry about maintenance. You may have to grease it after some time and sharpen the blades after a year or so.

The handle is designed in a loop style making it easy to bend so you can control it better depending on your height. It is also with cushioned grips for added comfort.

It comes in a powder-coat finish which prevents rust so this is great for long term use.

It also comes with an unbreakable steel side plate.

Great States 815-18 Pros

Good quality. Lasts a really long time according to customer reviews
No noise
Safe – no debris flying out from under the mower
No fumes
Optional blade sharpening kit

Great States 815-18 Cons

Will not do well with twigs and leaves. A twig that is too large will stop the blades
The handles are not that long so you may have a little difficulty if you are a lot taller


Great States 815-18 is the perfect mower for those with small yards and don’t really need the hassles of long cords and don’t want to deal with smelly and messy gas. This push reel mower performs better than gas mowers with precision cuts and is also very quiet. It requires less maintenance so you save even more money in the long run.