Now you can keep your lawn clean and green without harming the environment with the Great States 415-16 push reel lawn mower.

It is one of the most efficient manual mowers in the market and comes at a really great price for non-stop mowing action.

Perfect for people who…

The Great States 415-16 is perfect for today’s smaller lawns and ideal for city lawns. Although it doesn’t use batteries or gas, it is very powerful because of its uniquely designed blades and cutting system. It has a wider cutting width making the job faster for you and more efficient so you don’t have to do multiple passes to cut through grass. It is lightweight so this is perfect for women who like to do yard work and is easy to use so anyone can operate it. It is manual but it would suit today’s fast paced lifestyle.


The 16 inch cutting width makes it really efficient because you only have to do few passes to cut your grass. It saves you time and effort at the same time.

Great States 415-16 provides a clean, precise, scissor-like cut to the grass so you can maintain a neat, well manicured lawn.

The blades are smooth-spinning and the bed knife blade design made from tempered alloy steel ensures quality cut.

These heat treated blades stay sharp longer so you can save a lot on oil and maintenance cost.

Height Adjustment

A great improvement on previous models and basic push reel mowers in general, with this mower you have more cutting height options available.

You can adjust the height from ½ inch which is really low for those who need it up to 2 ¾ inches which is higher than standard reel mowers.

Handling and Maneuverability

The Great States 415-16 comes with a unique T-style handle making it easier to push with its cushion grips for comfortable, easy operation and its powder coated finished handle which lasts longer and prevents rust.

The 4 spider, 5-blade with ball bearing reel makes it easy to maneuver along with the 10 inch ball bearing wheels with radial rubber tires that allow the mower to roll smoothly with increased traction.

Lightweight and Compact

This push reel mower is also light, weighing only 25 pounds so you don’t work yourself into exhaustion and get more done in less time.

It has a nice compact design that allows you to store it even in tight spaces. It looks sleek with black coat perfect for mowing anytime of the day.

Great States 415-16 Pros

Very easy to push
Very low maintenance, the blades can stay sharp for years
Easy to assemble, no tools required

Great States 415-16 Cons

Not very light but still easy to maneuver
Handle can be difficult to attach at first
Could be more difficult to cut through very tall grass


The Great States 415-16 is a great buy for those who have smaller lawns. It comes at a great price, is very sturdy for long term use, and requires little to no maintenance which makes it even more worth the money. Unlike most standard push reel mowers, it has a wider cutting path of 16”, making it even more efficient. It is uniquely designed so that you can work more comfortably and more efficiently.