Designed for yards up to 10,700 square feet, the RoboMower RL850 robotic lawn mower is a popular choice for owners of a small to medium sized lawn. The mower is driven to its starting point using the remote control, the perimeter controller is activated and then the mower delivers a beautiful cut on its own. When finished, simply drive it back to its storage area and plug it in until it is needed again. the RoboMower RL850 features an alarmed antitheft system, safety sensors that instantly stop the blade if the mower is lifted a few degrees, and a child lock setting.

RoboMower RL850 Features and Specifications

  • RoboMower RL850 Coverage  – 10,700 sq/ft
  • Mower Size – 35” l x 26” w x 12.5” h
  • Weight with battery – 78 lbs.
  • Cutting width – 21 inches
  • Cutting height – 1.75”-3.25” with High Cut Blades and 1”-2.5” with Low Cut Blades
  • Safety Sense mower lift detection
  • Average working time – 4 hours
  • Charging time – 20 hours
  • Slope capability – 15 degrees
  • Programmable day and time and lawn entry points
  • Current Generation Software
  • 2-year limited warranty
  • Theft-Guard theft deterrent system
  • Mulching System
  • Manual controller for easy use
  • LCD operation display
  • Touch sensitive bumpers
  • Edge learning capabilities
  • Power management system
  • Includes docking system and station
  • Dual navigation systems
  • 5.5 HP equivalent cutting system

RoboMower RL850 Reviews

The RoboMower RL850 has the most reviews for any robotic lawn mower available. The reviews are mostly positive with 85% of owners giving the model the thumbs up. Most reviewers thought the BoboMower RL850 was very good value for the money. They compared what they would spend on a lawn service and found that even when factoring in the initial cost of the mower and its associated maintenance costs they still came out ahead. Many reviewers were enthusiastic about the savings and one reviewer noted he felt he saved about $2000.00 over 2 years. They also pointed out that their lawns looked better than if they’d hired a lawn service company as the RoboMower can cut several times a week, keeping their lawn beautifully maintained.

The convenience of not having to mow themselves, gain of free time, avoidance of noise, gas fumes, heat, insects and allergies encountered when mowing were worth the cost alone. All reviewers were pleased with the cut and mulching feature, and most were impressed with how the robot handled the irregularities of their lawns. Another interesting note was from a reviewer who didn’t like to “coddle“ his lawn. He found that just setting the RoboMower at the right cutting height, the frequent mowing and mulching action helped his grass grow and crowded out the weeds over time.

We were also encouraged by the number of satisfied customer who posted positive reviews after 2 plus years.

Several reviews mention that, similar to other RoboMower packages, there is generally not enough wire or stakes included in the box to properly set up the perimeter wire. They note that you can inexpensively purchase more wire and tent pegs at home improvement stores. Of the five negative reviews, three concerned a battery charging issue that they had difficulty resolving. We noted this issue mentioned in one of the positive reviews, but in that case the issue had been quickly resolved and they felt the technical support was prompt and helpful. Of the unhappy reviewers, the issue had not been easily resolved and they felt technical support was lacking. Several people noted that the model doesn’t handle wet ground well.

Unlike other RoboMower models, the RL850 does not include a rain sensor. We aren’t sure that is a negative consideration as many reviewers happily spoke of their mower cutting in the rain. Interested customers should note that this mower is not fully automatic so will need to be driven to and from where you decide to store and charge it. This means owners may need to be home to monitor mowing. If you prefer fully automated mowing and charging we recommend you consider the RoboMower RL1000 or a LawnBott model.

Buy RoboMower RL850

In general, people said they spent about $250.00 – $300.00 per year in maintenance costs for the RoboMower RL850. This is similar to what we have found in our review of all robotic lawn mowers. Considering the number of positive reviews, we do not have any hesitation recommending this robot to owners of small to medium sized lawns.