Formerly known as the Momentum, the 6201 push reel mower by Fiskars combines its innovative InertiaDrive feature with ergonomics to give you the cutting performance for your lawn without gas, oil, charging, or the messy cords you get in other mowers.

At its affordable price and low maintenance set up, you really get your money’s worth with the convenience and functions that you’re looking for in a lawn mower.

Perfect for people who…

Although it looks like a very basic lawn mower which it really is, it can do more than what most push reel mowers can provide. It is very easy to use and also very quiet. It has innovative functions to help you get the healthy lawn that you want without the hassles of the more advanced mowers in the market. This is great for almost all types of residential yards as it can cut almost any type of grass including tough southern varieties. It also gives a wider cut so this is perfect for small up to average sized yards.

Product and Operating Features

The 6201 is 60% easier to push than other reel mowers. With its unique InertiaDrive feature, it cuts twice the cutting power of standard reel mowers.

The StaySharp cutting system cuts grass without the blades touching for long-lasting performance eliminating the cost of inconvenience of annual blade sharpening. No more expensive maintenance for your blade.

The VersaCut technology helps for easy height adjustment to give you full control of your mower.

Its inset wheel design allows ultra-close side edging without the messy uncut strips under the wheels.

The unique grass discharge shoot cleanly throws your clippings forward away from your feet so you get more work done with less effort.


Its large diameter reel with thick blades allows you to cut through tough small twigs, weeds or dense grass that usually jam even competitive reel mowers.

It cuts all common residential grasses even tough southern varieties like St. Augustine, Zoysia, Bahia, and Bermuda.

Fiskars 6201 Pros

Takes about 5 to 10 minutes to assemble
The blades are also very easy to adjust
Easy to push and move around even in tough areas
Very comfortable handle
Very quiet much lighter than gas mowers

Fiskars 6201 Cons

Not suitable for larger acres
It may be difficult to cut through wet grass
Doesn’t collect clippings although it has a very convenient side discharge function or you can buy the optional bag
You may have to oil the blade during winter but this might be the only maintenance cost you ever have
It needs a little more effort and speed on uneven spaces


The Fiskars 6201 may be more expensive than basic gas and electric mowers but is actually more practical for the long term. In terms of convenience and maintenance costs, this is worth the price because you don’t have to sharpen the blade as much as other types of mowers and you don’t need to spend for gas or pay high electricity bills.

It is also very easy to use which could make your law mowing chore more enjoyable. This is great for people who don’t like to deal with cords or messy gas. The performance is ideal for small to average sized yards, approximately an average Chicago lot.

Aside from being environment friendly and energy saving, it is also very quiet so this is also great for your neighbors since you don’t get to annoy them with loud and disturbing motors.