Ferris mowers stand as pioneers of innovation in the field. The company started business in 1909 as the Uebler Milking Machine Company and served small-scale dairy farmers in New York. The organization switched to producing enduring lawnmowers as early as the 1980s and led the charge in technology, reliability and convenience. Here, our Ferris zero-turn mower review will delve into some of their most popular products in this range, what sets them apart and how you can choose one for your lawn care routine.

What are Zero-Turn Mowers?

Zero-turn mowers are much like the typical riding lawn mower but, as the name suggests, have a turning radius of about zero degrees. Consequently, these machines can rotate in one spot thanks to their independently rotating wheels that can go in any direction. Generally, a lawnmower that uses a diesel or gasoline engine will rely on hydraulic controls for each wheel, while battery-powered ones use separate motors.

The zero-turn mower has two small swiveling front wheels and big driving tires for the back. However, the front tires are not meant for turning, but the back ones can rotate independently, even in opposite directions, to steer the equipment. Additionally, the models from Ferris are much faster, but you will have to pay more for them compared to other mower types.

From modern suspension systems to novel cutting technologies, Ferris mowers are world-class. They are powerful, versatile, and yet straightforward to utilize. Few mowers will match the comfort offered by Ferris to the operator, and the brand is worth its price.

Best Ferris Zero Turn Mowers

1. Ferris 400S Zero Turn Mowers

Although the Ferris 400S is the most compact model on our list, it does not cut corners in customer satisfaction as it provides dependable quality. As far as power options go, this entry-level commercial-grade mower features a brawny Briggs and Stratton engine with debris management perks. Hence, you can go through tricky terrain without worrying since the filtration system will keep particles and dust from damaging the equipment.

Despite its smaller size, the 400S comes with a 5.5-gallon fuel tank whose capacity you can check via the reader-friendly and straightforward fuel gauge. Also, the cup holder is a welcome addition to help make lawn maintenance more enjoyable.

The 400S is no slacker as it features a maximum forward speed of 8 mph, thanks to the dual Hydro-Gear ZT 2800 transmission. In addition, this mower has a fabricated bumper that you can use as an attachment point for numerous accessories, and it also protects the engine. Consequently, you can leverage the various lawn care techniques while ensuring maintenance costs of the mower's engine remain low.

2. Ferris ISX 800 Zero Turn Mower

The Ferris ISX 800 is a top-of-the-line residential mower with industrial-grade capabilities. This product reliably offers power, comfort and convenience thanks to its collection of premium features.

For starters, the independent integrated suspension system on the ISX 800, coupled with the well-cushioned high-back seat with armrests, guarantees users a smooth ride irrespective of where you are mowing. From this comfortable position, you can reach its control system on your right. Also, the lack of a carburetor in this commercial mower makes getting the engine started pretty smooth.

Additionally, you can quickly clean the components in the 61-inch cutting deck by removing the floor pan. Plus, feel free to add attachments to the ISX 800 for mulching or bagging. Although you will have to purchase these extras separately, the broad compatibility of this zero-turn mower makes it an excellent choice.

Finally, the fuel tank capacity of a little more than 20 liters on the ISX 800 is sufficient to let you mow a large chunk before you need a refill. Also, this model can reach a maximum speed of 10 mph while advancing and 6 mph in the opposite direction.

3. ISX 2200 Zero Turn Mowers

The Ferris design choices in the ISX 2200 Zero Turn Mower make the product stand above the competition. First, the suspension seat is built for comfort as it considers your weight using a dial underneath the seating area. Also, you can use the fuel tank-mounted cup holder to hold your beverage when working.

Moreover, you will not feel the vibrations from the commercial mower when operating as the cutting deck and its castor wheels are mounted onto their suspension system. Thus, the machine will smoothly ride the crests and dips while remaining stable when working on uneven yards.

You can use your foot to operate the deck lift and adjust the cutting height to achieve your desired results. Feel free to start from the minimum of 1.5 inches and increment by 2.5 inches until you get to the maximum of 5 inches.

Finally, the wide iCD cutting system and the 26 HP engine with a Vanguard oil guard system will deliver reliable performance. In addition, you will experience exceptional power thanks to the Hydro-Gear ZT-4400 transmission system.

4. IS 2600Z Zero Turn Mowers

The Ferris IS 2600Z Zero Turn Mower emphasizes power, convenience and comfort. Firstly, a metal hood on its back houses a powerful 26 HP diesel engine and keeps it safe while functioning. Also, the robust rear bumper adds to the equipment's durability.

Maintaining and cleaning the IS 2600Z is simple. You can use latches around the engine to access it quickly when you need to replace some parts. Also, you can remove the floor pan to access the deck when cleaning or fixing the internal and suspension-related components.

Moreover, the caster tires come in at an impressive 26-inch diameter and provide an excellent grip. When combined with the patented suspension system of the IS 2600Z, you can move through tricky terrains with ease. Additionally, you can use a dedicated foot pedal to tweak the cutting height from 1.75 to 5 inches.

This commercial-grade mower offers one of the smoothest rides on the market. The product relies on coil-over shocks on its front and back for comfortable operation. Consequently, the heavy lawn care equipment will be able to maneuver through any terrain easily.

5. ISX 3300 Zero Turn Mowers

The best mower on our list has to be the Ferris ISX 3300, which resembles the ISX 800 but packs way more punch in its arsenal. In terms of comfort, the premium suspension seat provides a relaxed riding experience thanks to the padded cushions, a recline feature and adjustable headrest and seat. Along with the armrests, these qualities mean that you can sit for extended periods without feeling fatigued.

The front suspension in the ISX 3300 will absorb shock when operating so that you do not feel the bumps. Additionally, four control mounts give you the ability to make adjustments to ensure that your ride is smooth regardless of the terrain.

Moreover, its rear bumper features sufficient protection to the engine. The frame is wide and sturdy to ensure the machine does not sustain any damage. Also, the rear bumper will help you traverse steep climbing situations.

The Ferris ISX 3300 commercial mower features two fuel tanks to give you a total capacity of 11 gallons. Consequently, you can do your lawn maintenance without worrying about having to check your oil level frequently. Finally, this model also has a foot pedal that helps you find the right cutting deck height from 1.5 to 5 inches.

  • Pros of Ferris Lawn Mowers
  • Hefty wheels for increasing grip on dry and wet lawns.
  • Compatible with bagging and mulching tools.Easy to use.
  • Maintenance is simple as most models give you easy access to the cutting deck and engine.
  • They offer a comfortable ride thanks to their well-padded seats.
  • Some options come with headrests, armrests and high-back seats.
  • A foot-operated deck lift allows you to tweak the cut quality.
  • Unique suspension system offers a smooth riding experience as some use coil-over shocks for reducing jerkiness in operation.
  • Build quality is excellent.Caster wheels are durable.They are pretty fast.Conveniences like cup holders and adjustable seating in some models.
  • Cons of Ferris Lawn Mowers
  • The price of zero-turn lawnmowers is typically higher than other riding or push mower varieties.

Why Should You Choose Ferris Mowers?

a). Comfort and Suspension System

The new Ferris mowers are unique because they incorporate cutting-edge suspension technology. Moreover, the IS Series is fitted with automatic suspension using coil-over shocks and independent steering arms. This feature reduces the lateral and transverse impacts that would have had been transferred to your seating area. Hence, the ride will be smoother regardless of the terrain due to reduced jerkiness.

On the other hand, sitting in a Ferris lawn care equipment feels much more premium than other options since it offers unmatched comfort. The seats could come in high-back varieties or with headrests and armrests to ensure you remain comfortable seated when working. Additionally, some models have a separate suspension feature for the seat that considers the operator's weight for a more cozy ride.

b). Engine

The best mowers should have engines that provide sufficient power to the cutting deck and offer maintenance advantages. For instance, the Ferris brand has fuel-efficient engine options that people in the landscaping industry find incredibly useful. Whether it is a Kawasaki engine or a Briggs and Stratton one, you are guaranteed reliable power compared to other products on the market.

Additionally, the protection features in these machines, like the filtering system, ensure your maintenance requirements are few and far apart. Thus, you can expect your engine to last longer because it is not susceptible to damage from dust and debris when working on your lawn.

c). Deck Sizes and Cut Quality

The deck size of your lawnmower determines how many times you need to go over your lawn to ensure the cutting blades cover every inch of the property. So it makes sense to look for was wider deck size that lets you make fewer do-overs on the yard. Consequently, you can finish the work much earlier than compact front-mount lawn mowers or even commercial walk-behind mowers.

Front mount mowers offer one of the best cutting abilities of most lawn care equipment. For starters, they can access tricky-to-reach areas of the property more effectively. Also, the front mount mowers provide better airflow when cutting grass to increase your efficiency.

Nevertheless, the zero-turn models offer comparable maneuverability to Ferris stand-on mowers or more compact Ferris walk-behind mowers. Additionally, you can use foot pedals to raise or lower the cutting deck to adjust the cutting height of your Ferris zero-turn lawnmower.

d). Speed of Lawn Mowers

Zero-turn lawn mowers are one of the fastest tools in their lawn care category. If you want to reduce the time it takes caring for your property, you can take advantage of the impressive speeds of the Ferris models. Plus, you can experience the fast cutting power without having to turn around as the backward moving speed is much more than what a walk-behind mower can deliver.

e). Fuel Capacity

The fuel capacity of your mower's tank determines the area you can cover in one mowing session. The Ferris brand offers large capacities, as little as 5.5 gallons, in their most compact models, with larger ones doubling this already impressive quantity. Also, since the engines consume fuel more efficiently, you do not have to worry about refilling often.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Ferris Mowers

1. Are Ferris zero-turn mowers good?

The Ferris brand offers robust, versatile and straightforward zero-turn models. The build quality, power and comfort offered by their options remains one of the best the industry has to offer. Consequently, you can confidently choose any of their models, as long as it suits your needs, as your dependable lawn care assistant.

2. Who are Ferris mowers made by?

The Briggs & Stratton company has owned the Ferris company since 2004, and it built a factory located in Sherrill in 2019. Therefore, the Ferris brand continues to churn out quality commercial mowers within the United States. As such, you can expect their products to meet all the quality standards necessary for the production and sale of lawn care equipment.