The world has seen a spike in gas prices in the recent past. Luckily, no mower in the world surpasses the mowing capabilities of the gas options but one mower; the Ego electric lawn mower. The ego mower will take on the capabilities of gas mowers and give a better performance on the yard. In addition, the convenience that the mower has is unmatched, as you will see in this Ego electric lawn mower review.

EGO Power+ LM2142SP 21-Inch 56-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Electric Dual-Port Walk Behind Self...
  • PeakPower technology allows for combined power of any 2 EGO ARC Lithium batteries
  • Up to 80 minutes of run time on single charge with two included 56V 5. 0 Ah ARC Lithium batteries
  • High-efficiency brushless motor
  • Variable Speed Self-Propel: 0.9 MPH – 3. 1 MPH
  • 6-position cutting height adjustments: 1. 5"- 4"

What is an Electric Mower?

An electric mower is a mower that uses battery power for propulsion. The evolution in the motoring industry did not leave lawn mowers behind, seeing a move from the gas-powered mower to the electric self-propelled lawn mower. The mower has a charged battery that offers greener and quieter lawn care options compared to a gas mower.

The ego lawn mower is the true manifestation of everything good with a battery-powered mower. The convenience supersedes any gas-propelled lawnmower by far, giving you the chance to tend your lawn at your convenience.

Ego 56V Lawn Mower Features

1) Weather Resistant Build

The lawn mower is made to work out in the yard. Outdoors will never be precisely similar in any given two days, and the weather is constantly changing. Lawn mowers experience the extreme weather effects as they are always out in the yard, getting either rained on or exposed to the harsh sun. Ego mower reduces any concerns about the weather. The lawn mower has a rugged construction that is impressive for a battery mower. With the Ego mower, the only thing you will have to worry about is how fast the grass will grow back.

2) Ego 56v Lithium Ion Battery

The thing that makes Ego a great mower is that it cares for the lawn and the environment as a whole. The battery charges using electricity, which is a greener energy form compared to gas. One battery charge can last up to 80 minutes, which is enough time to work on your lawn and tend every section for neat results.

The best thing about the Ego mower is that its rapid charger takes only 40 minutes for a full charge. While one charge is enough to tend your lawn, keeping the mower without charge is not advisable. You will not take too long in the charging station, and you will have just enough time to take a breather while the mower recharges. You can rest easy knowing that a single charge is enough to do more than you need.

The best thing about Ego tools is that you can swap batteries to use on any equipment on the Ego lineup if you have to. You can use an Ego battery on two different tools. You will not have to do that because the battery life is exceptional, serving you well through the mower life.

3) Cordless Mower

Ego is a cordless mower. Cordless mowers are a big deal because you can work on larger yards without worrying about being close to a power source. The cordless mower gives you the freedom to access the remote parts of your yard around corners that seem impossible. Using a cordless mower is relatively easy compared to being tethered to a spot that you have to operate from. Mowing will no longer test your patience with this revolutionary feature.

4) Height Adjustment

Anyone who has a lawn mower should put the blades to better use other than just cutting grass. The blades have an adjustable height ranging from 1.5" to 4" to cut the lawn to your desired height. You can come up with different lawn designs if you wish to do so. The self-propelled lawn mower gives you six height options to choose from, which is a wide range to work with, considering the endless possibilities you can achieve with the heights. You can tackle tall grass just as quickly as you would short grass.

5) LED Lights

There is no time that you can not mow your lawn. If there is a small portion left and it might get dark before you get to it, you do not have to push the work to the next day as the mower has bright LED lights that will aid in low-light situations. The LED lights have an unmatched brightness by other models, giving you the chance to mow at dawn or dusk. The battery performance and the speed are not affected by the lights being on as you mow the remaining parts of the yard.

6) Variable Speed

Nothing is better than being in control. Ego speed self-propel ranges between 0.9-3.1 Mph, which is varied enough for you to find a suitable speed for your yard. The speed does not affect the efficiency of each blade and the run time, working as intended. The lightweight mower is easy to operate, with a push start button that immediately gets the mower to work without any hitches. You would be surprised by the work you can do in one hour with the mower running at top speed.

7) 3-in-1 Function

Ego self-propelled lawn mower is the epitome of convenience. The lawn mower has a mulching attachment, a grass collection bag, and a side discharge chute for maximum convenience when mowing the yard. The 21" deck mower leaves a clean yard with every foot of mowing. You can end up doing no follow-up at all after using the mower. The efficiency of the mower is increased tremendously with these features put together. In addition, the grass bag saves you a lot of work that you would have done after finishing up.

Ego Self Propelled Lawn Mower Pros

a) Eco-Friendly

The best advantage that Ego has over any gas mower is that it is green and does not pollute the environment. The battery life is enough to get the job done better than any push mower and at par with the best gas-propelled mower. No harmful gases are released when mowing the yard. Imagine if all the yards were mowed using an electric mower, and see how better the environment would be. In addition, the lawnmower saves power by using the battery efficiently, and there will not be any need to keep recharging the mower.

b) Quiet

Nothing is more annoying than being in the house and hearing the mower go on and on relentlessly. Your neighbors no longer have to hate you for just trying to keep your yard in good shape. The Ego 56V batteries in the mower are silent while giving enough power to finish a quarter acre in no time. The silent mower is suitable for your peace when mowing the grass. You can enjoy music on your headphones when using the mower without any noise coming in between the fun.

c) Cheap Maintenance

The mower is easy and cheap to maintain as all you need to recharge and mow the lawn most of the time. You will seldom require maintenance as long as you always store the mower in the garage and not outside. Gas mowers need part replacement every other time because of the engine that requires maintenance and cleaning. In addition, the smoke resulting from combustion has a way of making the filter very dirty, needing replacement every other time.

The best thing about the Ego 56V battery is that you can use one from another ego tool, further reducing the maintenance cost. In addition, swappable batteries are a great incentive to buy Ego equipment for a sustainable ecosystem that will save you costs in the long run.

d) Easy Maneuverability

Ego self-propelled mower has a cut quality that is the prime example of what a mower should be doing. Even with a higher load capacity in the grass bag, the mower is easy to operate. You need to only press one button to start the mower and get going. In addition, the mowers are lightweight, leaving you with enough energy to focus on activities other than just mowing.

e) Self Propelled Feature

Mowers have long been associated with pushing to mow the yard. With Ego self-propelled mowers, pushing is a thing of the past as all you need to do is engage the mower and point it in whichever direction you desire. The self-propel feature saves you time and energy to use in other activities. Coupled with the lightweight mower, the efficiency is significantly increased when working with the mower. In addition, the self-propelled mower further increases the rate at which you do the work, saving you precious time.

Ego Lawn Mower Cons

i) Short Run Time

Eighty minutes is all you have to work with the loan mower. If you have a large yard to work with, over an hour is not enough time to do good work. The mower needs another 40 minutes to charge the lithium-ion battery before continuing. The discharge rate might affect your working speed and workflow, unlike the gas counterparts that require refueling and hitting the lawn. The mower is perfect for anyone with a small yard because Ego can efficiently pull off a quick cut for smaller yards.

ii) Less Torque

Torque is the power that the blades pack when rotating. On average, electric mowers have less torque compared to other mowers that use gas. As a result, tackling more strenuous jobs may be challenging with the mower, especially if the project is enormous and the yard is too large.

iii) Lithium Ion Battery

Lithium ion batteries are great because they are rechargeable. However, batteries degrade over time. The batteries are sensitive to high temperatures and shallow temperatures. The batteries tend to be expensive and might get damaged when wholly discharged. The batteries last a few years after manufacture and might need replacement soon. The good thing about owning Ego mowers is that they can use batteries from other Ego tools.

Tips on How to Care for the Mower

1) Keep Safely

The elements have a significant effect on machinery, whether electric or gas propelled. The Ego mower is no exception. You need to wipe and keep the mower in a garage every use to avoid rain dew settling in the electronic parts. Do not keep the mower in a sweltering place because the battery is at risk of getting damaged. Before keeping the mower, ensure you recharge the battery because the battery can get permanently damaged when left to discharge completely.

2) Sharpen the Blade

The primary function of Ego lawn mower is to cut grass in the yard. The sharper the blades, the more effective the mower. An effective mower uses power efficiently, saving energy and lengthening the life of the mower. In addition, sharp blades reduce the number of times you have to redo a spot, saving you time to finish a project.

3) Clean the Mower

The mower collects a lot of debris in the process of cutting grass. The debris traps moisture that might lead to rusting and damaging of the parts. In addition, debris that collects on the blade reduces the mower's efficiency, which is costly in the long run. The Ego mower is an excellent-looking machine. However, it would look better if it were cleaner.

Final Take

Investing in a lawn mower is one of the most cost-effective things you can do for your home. The world is making a shift from gas machines to electric alternatives. Therefore, making the shift in good time is a good idea. In addition, electric mowers are cheaper to maintain compared to their gas counterparts. Ego is a self-propelled machine that is easy to use, making it possible for any family member to mow the lawn.

Ego is a perfect machine to tend a small yard. The mower is affordable, costing just below 800$ and giving you results that supersede the price. The mower is small enough to store while packing the efficiency of a gas mower comfortably. Ego is a good investment that you have to make.