The Earthwise 60120 offers you 3-in-1 performance with the power of electric lawn mowers without the messy cords.

It is a versatile and easy to use tool for your mowing needs with the efficiency that you are looking for in a mower.

Perfect for people who…

The Earthwise 60120 can handle almost any lawn in a single charge. It has a heavy duty steel mower deck to ensure lasting performance so this is great for long term use. It is also very easy to use and safe so your mowing chore just became worry and stress free.

This is perfect for average to moderately bigger yards but if you have a smaller yard, you will also benefit highly from this even for its price because with this, you can do the job faster and more efficiently.

Operation and Functions

The three-in-one feature allows you to choose between mulching, bagging, or side discharge.

It features a wide 20 inch cutting path which requires fewer passes on your lawn saving you both time and effort.

It adapts to the changing seasons as well. You can mulch your grass in the spring to help thicken your lawn or you can use the bag to clear leaves and debris in the fall.


With the Earthwise 60120, you can easily navigate tough uneven terrains. Its seven-inch front wheels and oversized 9 ½ rear wheels with ball bearings allow better maneuverability.

The “V” handle is designed with cushion grips which lets you have great control over tough terrain.

Easy to Use

No need to adjust each wheel to change the height of the mower blade. It features a single-lever height control system to make it easier to adjust the height of the cut. You can choose between seven height positions ranging from 1 ½ to four inches.

The handle mounted safety blade control with safety key provides enhanced performance and of course safety.

It has an easy on/off mulch plug.

The battery can be easily removed with the lift handle lock which releases the battery from its compartment.

No tools required for assembly.

It is also easy to put away. The handle folds down easily so you can store it more conveniently.

Power and Performance

It uses a powerful 24-volt removable battery which delivers consistent performance as that of a gas powered motor without the hassles that come with it.

It is quiet and also has zero emissions so it is good for the environment and your neighborhood.

Earthwise 60120 Pros

Motor performs with enough power as promised
Really great for mulching
Very easy to use and adjust
Wider cutting path

Earthwise 60120 Cons

Doesn’t use smart charger. You would have to charge it not more than 24 hours maximum and charge it every 30 days in off seasons to make sure it doesn’t die out immediately. You can get a smart charger for this which is not very expensive
There have been complaints with the batteries not re-charging, this may be because of the maintenance so just make sure you don’t overcharge or purchase a smart charger as suggested


The Earthwise 60120 has a really great reputation when it comes to power and ease of use. It is great for almost any type of lawn and can handle tough and uneven terrains. It has a wider cutting path so you don’t have to spend all day going back and forth on your lawn. It is easy to maneuver and safe so anyone in your home can operate it. This is not only a time saver, it also lets you save your energy and money in the long run.