The Earthwise 60020 is a clean air choice cordless mower by Earthwise dedicated to provide clean and green products that are as efficient and powerful as anything.

It has a 24-Volt battery powered engine with 3-in-1 feature that will answer all your lawn care needs.

Perfect for people who…

This 3-in-1 mower is perfect for those who have average to bigger yards. The cordless engine allows you to do more with its powerful 24 volt battery. You may also purchase an additional battery so you can have longer runtime perfect for those who have large yards and don’t really want additional expenses on gas and hassles of extension cords. This is a versatile backyard tool that is easy to use and operate with very little maintenance, easy to maneuver perfect for your busy and fast paced life.

3-in-1 Action

The Earthwise 60020 comes with a grass catcher and discharge chute allowing you to give the lawn care that your yard needs for all seasons.

It is also great for mulching with the easy on and off mulch plug which works effectively and stress-free.

Power and Performance

The 24-Volt battery power system performs an average runtime of approximately 45-60 minutes depending on mowing conditions. This is with a single charge so you save a lot of energy and money on your electricity bills.

The battery life is approximately 500 charges and you have the option of additional one for long term use. It also comes with a 2 year limited warranty.

The 20 inch cutting path is wider than most cordless mowers allowing you to do fewer passes.

It features soft-touch operation so you can mow and shift functions with no problems. No need for pull starts, keys, and other hassles.

Single Lever Height Control

The single lever height adjustment feature allows you to adjust the height of all wheels at once.

You can choose from 7 positions ranging from 1 ¾ inches to 3 ¾ inches in just one step.


It has a comfort V-handle with cushioned grip allowing you to easily push the mower which also has an easy fold system for your convenience.

The 7-inch front and 8-inch rear wheels with ball bearings allow for easy rolling, maneuverability, and lasting durability.

Earthwise 60020 Pros

Very light
Easy to maneuver
Wider cutting path
Provides clean cut
One lever height adjustment
Easy mulch plug
Long battery life
No assembly required

Earthwise 60020 Cons

Power lessens after about 20-30 minutes
Not as quiet as corded electric mowers
Battery is not user replaceable
Could clog on very heavy grass and wet grass


The Earthwise 60020 is truly an environment friendly lawn care tool that is efficient and powerful without the hassles of other electric or gas mowers. Its soft touch operation gives you the ease that you need in shifting on its powerful 3-in-1 functions so your lawn is clean and healthy on all seasons. You can bag, mulch or side discharge with the handy accessories already included. With all the features and its durability, it really gives you your money’s worth.