The Earthwise 50218 is a corded electric lawn mower which is powerful and safe so you can keep your lawn look great at all times with no fumes, gas, or oil.

It is great for mulching and also for side discharge and comes in a great price for its easy to use, versatile features.

Perfect for people who…

The 50218 electric lawn mower by Earthwise is perfect for those who are looking for an efficient mulching mower. It gives a great cut and can also be used for side discharge. It is perfect for smaller to average sized yards. It is easy to use with its innovative features so almost anyone in your home can operate it as long as with caution. It also adapts to different conditions and seasons. You can adjust the cutting height of the mower so it can be used for different types of grass. This mower will make the job easier for you and will allow you to enjoy more time with your family or guests on your lawn rather than cutting and maintaining it.

Two in One Feature

The Earthwise 50218 features a two-in-one system which allows you to switch from mulching to side discharge easily.

It also cuts grass well, even on wet grass and it can also cut through weeds making it even more versatile.

Power and Durability

The mower features a 12 amp electric motor which gives enough torque for a nice precise cut and mulching action.

It has an 18 inch cutting path, great for small to average yards.

The high quality steel deck makes this mower great for all seasons and will last for a long time.

Single Lever Height Adjustment

Unlike traditional mowers, the Earthwise 50218 features a one-step or single lever height adjustment which allows you to adjust the height of all four wheels at once saving you time and energy.

You can choose and adjust the cutting height from 1 ½ inch to 4 inches.


This corded electric mower comes with a cord holder that makes it easier to push than other corded mowers.

Earthwise 50218 also has bigger 7 inch easy roll composite wheels for better maneuverability so you won’t have a hard time on uneven surfaces.

The Comfort V handle with cushion grip also allows you to push the mower comfortably and easily.

Earthwise 50218 Pros

Lightweight and maneuverable
Easy to assemble
Cuts well on the grass
Handle is more comfortable
One step height adjustment
Great for mulching

Earthwise 50218 Cons

You have to get used to managing the cord but you can use the cord holder to make it easier
Only for smaller lots


The Earthwise 50218 is a versatile and powerful electric lawn mower perfect for small to average sized yards. It is great for mulching and can also be used for side discharge. It also cuts grass well. It is easy to use and the cutting height is also easy to adjust so you can use this for different types of grass and throughout the seasons. It is easy to maneuver making the job even faster and more enjoyable for you. It also comes at a very affordable price and has all the convenient and useful features that you need.