The Earthwise 50214 corded electric lawn mower is a 2-in-1 mower that allows you to do side discharge as well as mulching.

It is easy to use and maneuver so that you can enjoy mowing your lawn and do the job faster as well.

Perfect for people who…

The Earthwise 50214 is especially great for mulching but can also be used for side discharge. It is perfect for smaller sized yards. It is easy to use so this is great even for those who are not very experienced in mowing and would still allow you to keep a well manicured lawn. The height is also easily adjustable so it can be used in almost any type of grass or yard. It is also quieter than most electric mowers so it is neighborhood friendly as well as environment friendly, a mower that you, your family, and neighbors will love.

2-in-1 System

This electric mower allows you to do side discharge and also mulch so you can use it adapts to the seasons and circumstances.

Power and Maneuverability

The 14” cutting width is perfect for smaller yards allowing you to easily mow and turn on tight areas and making it more efficient.

Earthwise 50214 has 6 ½ inch rear wheels and 5 ½ front wheels which are bigger than most 14” mowers for better handling and maneuverability.

One Step Height Adjustment

It features a single lever height adjustment so you don’t have to spend time and effort adjusting each wheel.

The height can be adjusted from 1 ½ inches to 4 inches.

Its Comfort V-Handle allows you to push the mower easily and has cushion grips for added comfort.

The design is also lightweight and compact for easy storage even for those who have limited spaces.

Clean and Quiet

The Earthwise 50214 has the power of a gas mower without the hassles and maintenance cost of oil and fumes.

It is also safe and quiet great for those who have little children taking naps during the day and won’t annoy your neighbors.

Earthwise 50214 Pros

Easy to maneuver especially in small spaces
Quieter than other electric mowers
Low maintenance
Easy to assemble
Easy to use and maneuver
Does great cut
Great for mulching and side discharge
Compact and lightweight

Earthwise 50214 Cons

Only for small yards
Others have problems with the back wheels coming off but you can have the product replaced
The bags could also be lose so just make sure they are positioned properly


The Earthwise 50214 is a great choice for those with smaller homes and yards. The 14” cutting width may not be perfect for bigger yards but is a great advantage for mowing in tighter areas so if you have a smaller lawn, this is a good mower for you. It cuts well and is also great for mulching and side discharge. The bigger sized rear and front wheels make it very easy to maneuver and also has a very comfortable handle with cushion grips so you can easily push it around. It is compact and lightweight for easy transport and would fit nicely on small storage spaces.