For those who long for clean air as much as they long for a clean and well manicured lawn, the Earthwise 50118 electric lawn mower is here to grant your wish.

This two-in-one power mower allows you to mulch and do side discharge without the hassle and harmful effects of gas.

Perfect for people who…

The Earthwise 50018 is especially great for mulching but you can also choose to switch to side discharge function. It has a powerful 12-amp system perfect for small to average sized yards. This is the perfect solution for those who are looking for versatile and easy to use backyard equipment. The heavy duty steel design makes this perfect for those who are looking for a long term product. It features seven-inch wheels and custom made handle making it easy to maneuver saving you time and effort.

2-in-1 Power

Earthwise 50118 has a two-in-one performance that allows you to choose between mulching and side discharge.

The side discharge function provides you with easy clean-up and the easy electric mulching system helps you to thicken your lawn for a well manicured look.

Easy to Use and Maneuver

No more tricky pull starts. The 50018 has an easy push-button power start that will get it going in no time. There is also no tool required for assembly.

It has easy control functions that let you switch between side discharge and mulch as well as a handle-mounted safety blade control.

The special cord hook allows you to easily manage the power cord during operation which is often the downside of most electric corded mowers.

The comfortable V-handle with cushion grip makes it easy to push and maneuver and it also folds down for fast and easy storage.

It has composite 7-inch wheels with ball bearings for better maneuverability and gives you great control even on rough terrains.

Single Lever Height Control

It features an easy single lever height adjustment allowing you to choose from 1 ½ inches to 4 inches. No need to adjust each wheel to adjust the cut.


The 12-amp electric power ensures consistent performance as much as gas powered mowers can provide.

It has an 18-inch wide cutting path coverage so you don’t have to do several passes to save you time and energy.

Quiet, Safe, and Environment Friendly

The Earthwise 50118 has zero emissions and it is also very quiet making it great for you, your neighbors and the environment.

It is safe to use with the safety blade control and cord hook, and with no fumes and oil mixing to worry about giving you hassle free lawn mowing action.

Earthwise 50118 Pros

Cuts well
Easy to use and maneuver
Reasonably quiet
Rolls smoothly even on sloping uneven lots
Low maintenance; the blades are high quality and can be used for a long time
Good price
One step height adjustment

Earthwise 50118 Cons

You need to get used to maneuvering with the extension cord but the special cord hook can help a lot
Could be a bit difficult on very thick grass


Earthwise 50118 is an easy and versatile lawn mowing tool which provides consistent performance and power to help you keep your lawn healthy and well manicured at all times. It is also very safe and easy to use allowing you to do away with gas while having the power that you need. It is easy to maneuver even on rough terrains making perfect for those who have sloping lots. It saves you time, energy and money.