Another Earth-friendly product from Earthwise the 50020 20-inch electric lawn mower has 3-in-1 action providing you with all the lawn care tools that you need in just one mower.

This is a powerful corded mower that is also very versatile. You can mulch or use the discharge chute or you can also use the grass catcher that is already included.

Perfect for people who…

Aside from its versatile use, the Earthwise 50020 is also lightweight and compact perfect for those who have limited space for storage. This is great for those who have small to medium sized yards. Its easy controls and great maneuverability allow smooth operation that could make your lawn mowing chore not only easy but could also be an enjoyable one.

Great under All Circumstances

This electric lawn mower is not just for cutting grass. It includes the Earthwise grass bag so if you need to collect clippings, you can gather them or use the discharge chute to give your lawn a natural fertilizer.

It is also great for mulching unlike most standard electric mowers that don’t perform as well in the mulching department. The easy on and off mulch plug will allow you to shift functions as you need to in a breeze.

Power and Performance

Earthwise 50020 uses a powerful 12 amp motor which is actually lower than other electric powered lawn mowers gives you plenty of power when you need it.

It also features soft-touch operation and easy start-up so you can get started in no time hassle-free. No more pull cords to deal with and gas mixing preparations.

The 20-inch cutting deck is a lot wider than most average corded electric mowers. This will help you do the job faster and require you to do fewer passes saving you from fatigue.

The mower has a steel deck design that makes it durable and it also includes a 2 year limited warranty.

Single Lever Control

The single lever height adjustment feature allows you to adjust the mower’s all four wheels at once. No need for messy configurations to adjust your cutting height.

You can choose from 7 height positions ranging from 1 ¾ inches to 3 ¾ inches.

Comfort and Maneuverability

Earthwise 50020 has a comfort V-handle with cushioned grip to allow you to easily push the mower around even on turns.

The handle also has an easy fold system for easy transport and storage.

It also includes a special cord hook to help you manage the cord for smooth operation and keep you safe as well.

The convenient handle mounted safety blade control saves you the trouble of going through pains to adjust your blade with no worries.

It has 7” front wheels and 8” rear wheels with ball bearings allow for easy rolling and maneuverability. It also makes them more durable for long term use.

Earthwise 50020 Pros

Adjustable handle height for anybody
Cuts well on tall grass
One step height adjustment
Great for mulching

Earthwise 50020 Cons

The padding on the handle is not very durable but you can have them replaced /li>
You need to get used with the cord but that’s where the cord hook helps
Not very easy to empty the bag


Earthwise 50020 is a clean and green option not only for the environment but for your lawn as well. Its natural fertilizing effect that it gives to your lawn is very useful and you can also use it for bagging and cutting, great for all seasons and circumstances. It is easy to use, convenient to store and very efficient.