The possum is a small, nocturnal mammal that likes to haunt gardens and other areas where they are likely to find food. They can dig through the earth quickly, so you should always make sure your fence has some kind of drainage so it doesn’t collapse on top of them when they try.

Possums are nocturnal animals that like to stay in the dark, which makes them hard to spot. Here are some tips for how to keep possums out of your yard.

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Possums are among the most adorable animals you will ever see. Many people, however, mistake possums for raccoons and injure them.

Possums have an unusual defensive mechanism: they fall to the ground and pass out totally. Then, via its anus, it secretes a chemical that fools predators into thinking the animal is dead.

Most people are surprised to learn that when a possum is threatened, it goes into a comatose condition. You may pick it up and take it with you, or you can relocate it to another area.

Some may consider this a very useless strategy, but you’ll be amazed at how well it works in practice. Most wild creatures dislike eating dead animals, and because of the stink generated by the possum, they often assume the animal is dead and leave it alone.

The possum may recover consciousness at any point between 40 and four hours, and once it does, it just scampers away. One thing you should know about the possum is that it is a nocturnal marsupial.

This indicates that this animal is nocturnal and prefers to hunt for food. It is often seen scurrying around your lawn or garden.

For many individuals, the true problem arises when the possum destroys their garden or landscaping. The last thing you want is to wake up in the middle of the night to the sound of something in your garbage cans, only to discover that it’s a hungry possum.

Then you see that the animal has utterly wrecked the scenery you worked so hard to construct as you glance about. More significantly, you should be aware that possums may transmit illnesses like spotted fever.

Are they able to dig underground?

Possums like to hunt and collect food at night, and many people are baffled as to how they manage to get into their gardens despite the fence. Some people believe the animal dug under the earth to obtain entrance.

The fact that these creatures’ claws are very keen and pointed adds to the credibility of this myth. However, you should be aware that this is not the case.

Even though there are many creatures that like to dwell in holes, the possum is not one of them. Possums like to reside in hollowed-out legs or tree trunks that provide some protection.

Despite the fact that it will not be digging tunnels to seek refuge under the earth, the possum nevertheless digs extensively. They often do so in search of food, particularly bugs, under the earth.

Because they can dig so effortlessly, it is great for them to locate food under the earth.

Having said that, there have been cases when a possum has dug its way into the earth. This is most common when the fence is too small or not properly installed in the ground.

There have been cases when people’s fences have come close to reaching the ground. The possum will obviously have no issue getting down and under the fence.

However, you should be aware that if the animal notices that there are food items around, their urge to dig under your fence will only grow. Keep in mind that if you take excellent care of your yard, the animal will not annoy you.

If possums invade your yard, you’ll need to take action to eliminate the issue. Possums may be prevented and deterred in your yard using a variety of methods.

Keep in mind that only compassionate measures should be used to solve the situation. There is no need to consider shooting the possums or putting up dangerous traps that may damage or kill them. This is what you must do.

Getting Rid of Extra Food in Your Yard

Too many people make the mistake of leaving food scattered around in their yard, which attracts possums and other animals. As long as these creatures have access to abundant food, they will attempt to find a way into your yard.

There are a few basic actions you can take to prevent this from happening. If you have trash cans out in the yard, for example, ensure sure they are kept covered with a lid. You should also make sure the lid is securely closed.

Then, if you feed your pet outside, make sure you clean up after the animal. Bring all of the water dishes and pet food indoors. You should be aware that the odor travels much farther than you may believe, and wild animals will detect it.

More importantly, if you have a compost pile, be sure you’re not putting any animal waste to it. Animal products should never be composted.

You should also establish a practice of keeping your garden as clean as possible. Pick up and discard fallen vegetables and fruit on a regular basis, as well as remove any overripe fruit from your garden.

Look for and Remove Hiding Spots

Possums like to hide in several types of hiding places. Because these creatures are low on the food chain, they seek out various types of hiding locations where they may stay safe.

You must eliminate these hiding places if you want them to depart your yard. Start with the heavy shrubbery that surrounds your home. Make sure the hedges and plants around the home are thinned down.

Stacks of wood or leaf heaps in various corners should always be removed. Similarly, if you have a shed where you store all of your gardening equipment, it’s a good idea to keep it locked up tight.

These are great areas where possums may rush and hide, and you must take special precautions to clean them thoroughly. Remember that cleaning these items as much as possible should become a habit.

Possums like messy areas, therefore if you maintain things nice and tidy, the amount of possums rummaging about your home would naturally reduce.

When it comes to dealing with possums in your yard, here are just a few things to keep in mind. Obviously, there is no need to employ harsh measures, and there are several rather straightforward solutions to fully eliminate them without exerting any effort.

The “how to keep possums away from fence” is a question that many people have. There are many ways to prevent the possums from getting into your yard.

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