Whether you have a chainsaw in your garage or not, it is important to understand how these machines need oil and what that means for long-term performance. Understanding the basics can help keep this tool working well for years to come.

Electric chainsaws are machines that require a lot of maintenance. One thing that is often overlooked when maintaining these machines is the oil. Electric chainsaws need bar oil to function properly.

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In the first place, why do individuals purchase electric chainsaws? It’s similar to why people are choosing electric automobiles. You already know if you have one.

If you don’t believe me, consider all of the reasons why people speak about improving the environment because of carbon monoxide emissions. Electric chainsaws are advantageous for the same reasons.

Because electric chainsaws are powered by electricity, you’ll need to plug them in. If you’ve never had a gasoline-powered chainsaw, you may not understand that many of them use a combination of oil and gasoline.

Although electric chainsaws do not need additional oil, there is a method to utilize oil with one.

Electric saws are more environmentally friendly since they do not need fuel. That means you’ll be cleaner, and the air you breathe will be cleaner, too.

Many people like the fact that they can just plug them in and use them straight away, rather than having to combine oil and gasoline in a canister and place it in the chainsaw’s fuel tank.

The chainsaw bar and chain will often need lubrication, therefore oil will be required. This lubricant is the same as that used to lube the bar and chain in gas-powered chainsaws.

As a result, there is a fundamental aspect to how all chainsaws utilize oil: to lubricate the bar and chain to improve efficiency and chainsaw longevity.

So, how does a chainsaw need lubrication? Is lubricating the chainsaw’s bar and chain all you need to do to keep your electric chainsaw in good working order?

You’ll find plenty of answers below so you can enjoy and maintain your electric chainsaw for a long and happy life together.

Is Lubrication Important?

Electric chainsaws need special bar and chain lubrication oil. The lubricants are made specifically for keeping the bar and chain functioning smoothly and effectively.

As you would expect given the explanation above, these lubricants are also designed to be environmentally friendly.

Warning: Many other types of oil or lubricants, such as recycled motor oil or even any form of vegetable oil, might cause harm to the oiling system. So don’t even consider making such a substitute!

More information is provided below.

contrasting the many brand options

Because of the current market structure, most chainsaw manufacturers make their own bar and chain oil for their own saws.

Although it is not required to use a recognized brand, the manufacturer may provide the optimum lubricant for your model. Specifications may be found in your owner’s handbook.

Even if they don’t make their own lubrication, some businesses will specify a specific brand that they work with and suggest for the chainsaw model you bought.

This is most likely a mutually beneficial partnership that will result in valuable recommendations.

Purchasing Options

Many home and garden stores, large box stores, and even engine shops and hardware stores have oil. Many individuals choose to buy it in bulk for a lower per-fluid-ounce pricing.

Depending on how frequently you use your chainsaw, you can determine if this is a suitable choice for you.

What Your Owners Manual Could Say

Chainsaw manufacturers do testing to find which lubricants work best in their machines.

So, although certain oils may be less costly, they may be more expensive to use over time. After months of using the incorrect oil, engine repairs may be essential. Consider how much an ounce of prevention may save you in the long run.

Most manufacturers recommend using new engine oil to lubricate your electric chainsaw. In the summer, most manufactures recommend using SAE 30 motor oil. Another person may suggest that you use an SAE 10 motor oil in the winter to get the optimum lubrication.

What Can the Wrong Oil Do?

The improper oil may cause damage to your bar and chain, and it might happen sooner than you think. The drive sprocket and clutch assembly might potentially be damaged.

A blazing or very hot tip might indicate a lack of lubrication. It is suggested that you turn off your engine immediately in these situations.

To ensure that your chainsaw is not destroyed, check the oiling system as soon as possible.

Danger Robinson, Will! Danger!

A simple statement that must be made. Chainsaws, whether gasoline or electric-driven, are mechanically propelled saws that employ sharp teeth connected to a revolving chain. Is this clear enough about the danger?

Chainsaws are used for cutting, pruning, and bucking. They make the user’s job easier. However, all safety precautions must be taken at all times!

Pay close attention to the following points in your instructions:

  • Wear the right gloves to protect your hands and get the greatest grip while operating your chainsaw.
  • Protect your eyes from flying debris when using your chainsaw by wearing the appropriate eyewear.
  • Other items to wear so that nothing gets trapped in the moving chain
  • Proper chainsaw holding practices, including what to do and what not to do.
  • How to efficiently cut trees and limbs so that the wood cuts more readily and you are not wounded by falling trees and limbs.


  • Many individuals believe that if they constantly put new oil to their chainsaw, they will be OK. However, before you begin, make sure your chainsaw’s oil reservoir is free of old oil, since this might interfere with appropriate lubrication. This is particularly true if you do not use your chainsaw on a regular basis. If you can’t recall the last time you used your chainsaw or the last time you changed its oil, it’s advisable to replace it and start again — for your safety and the chainsaw’s long-term maintenance.
  • Make sure your chainsaw’s oil reservoir is full. If you’re going to use your chainsaw for a long time, don’t expect the reservoir to remain full. If you don’t check it often, it can run empty before you notice it, which might be a problem. This will cause a buildup of heat and friction, which can negatively impact its performance and, in the long run, harm your chainsaw.

In a Few Simple Steps, Refill the Oil

Here are some step-by-step instructions for lubricating your bar and chain using oil:

  1. Always disconnect your electric chainsaw from the electrical outlet. This will ensure that your chainsaw does not start accidently.
  2. Before you start working with your chainsaw, make sure it’s on a level area. Dropping it might cause damage to your chainsaw as well as personal harm.
  3. Always let your chainsaw cool down before refilling it if you’re in the midst of operating it. A heated chainsaw may cause severe burns, preventing you from completing your job tasks.
  4. It is recommended that you wipe the top of the chainsaw before removing an oil cap, whether you have just used it or it has been sitting in your garage gathering dust. There should be no debris in the oil tank. Your lubrication system may be harmed as a result of this.
  5. To correctly open the oil tank, follow the instructions. Remove the cap and place it on a clean surface so it does not collect dirt and contaminate the oil when you replace it. Use a clean funnel that is the same size as the chainsaw’s aperture.
  6. Pour the bar and chain oil into the funnel slowly. You don’t want to waste oil by spilling it, so make sure you stop when your reservoir reaches the full mark. Overfilling may be hazardous and result in a mess when the cap is replaced.
  7. Without spilling the oil that will certainly flow from the funnel, remove it and set it on a shop cloth or paper towel. Securely tighten the oil tank cap to prevent leaks.

You’ll get the hang of this refilling method quickly and won’t hesitate to check it to make sure it doesn’t run empty. Consider it similar to refueling your automobile. You don’t want to be running on fumes for too long!

Although electric chainsaws do not need the use of fuel or oil, you will still need to lube the bar and chain as you would with any chainsaw. This will guarantee that it functions well and has a long life for you to utilize at work and at home.

The “do mini chainsaws need oil” is a question that many people have. Typically, electric chainsaws do not require any type of oil to operate. However, if the chain gets extremely dirty or if you are using it on wet ground, you might want to use some kind of lubricant.

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