Cub Cadet Ultima ZT1 50 in. 23 HP Kawasaki FR Series V-Twin Dual Hydrostatic Zero Turn Mower with...
  • 23 HP 726cc Kawasaki FR691V series twin-cylinder OHV engine
  • Lap bar controlled dual-hydro transmissions with mow-in-reverse
  • Ideal for mowing slight rolling hills and several obstacles up to 4 acres

Maintaining a 4-acre uneven lawn can be tedious without the appropriate equipment, such as a riding mower. Moreover, you can have a riding mower without easy maneuverability, making mowing very hectic and boring. Even so, homeowners with small yards might think that a push mower is the best for small yards, but it is also stressful without easy maneuverability around obstacles.

Subsequently, we have compiled a detailed Cub Cadet Ultima zt1 50 review for understanding the appropriateness of this mower for home and commercial purposes. Read on to understand why we chose this mower as the best zero-turning riding mower for the ultimate lawn care.

1. Performance

  1. Among the best zero-turn mowers for extensive lawns, the Cub zt1 50 is a great mower due to its efficient performance. Performance, in this case, can be attributed to many aspects that will be covered in this comprehensive Cub Cadet Ultima zt1 50 review. To begin with, this riding lawn mower is known for its zero-turn capacity, which means that you can turn in different directions at a 3600. Accordingly, this feature helps achieve a uniform and neat job around a lawn with tight corners and obstacles.

At the same time, combining the zero-turn ability and its riding mechanism, the Cub Cadet zt1 50 is ideal for extensive lawns up to 4 acres. In enabling its efficient performance on large lawns, it comes with wide cutting width for a larger surface area. Furthermore, this zero-turn lawn mower also comes with 15 deck positions for making this mower a versatile performer for different seasons and types of lawns. All in all, the Cub Cadet Ultima zt1 50 is a great performer and offers unmatched gasoline cutting width for the best lawn outcomes with minimal stress to a user.

2. Engine

One of the important features that make this lawn mower have such a remarkable performance is its Kawasaki engine. Specifically, its Kawasaki FR Series OHV V-twin engine is a powerful model with an engine displacement capacity of 726 ccs. As a result of its powerful engine, this lawn mower is ideal for mowing slight rolling hills for optimal lawn outcomes. Subsequently, the Kawasaki engine is capable of handling extensive areas at an efficient fuel consumption level.

Moreover, this Cub Cadet's engine is enabled by an efficient and smooth dual hydro-gear for both forward and reverse movements. Therefore, at a maximum forward speed of 7 mph and reverse speed of 4.5 mph, it effectively reduces the mowing time taken to complete a single lawn. Notably, the transmission is an important aspect for directing the generated engine power. Resultantly, this Cub's twin-cylinder powerful engine is the power behind this lawn mower's push around tough and thick grass patches.

3. Durability

Another important aspect for riding lawn mowers like the Cub Cadet Ultima zt1 50 riding mower is the durability of a mower's build. Remember, yards also have obstacles, rocks, and other debris that might compromise the structural integrity, performance or even cause damage to your mower. In addition, the Cub Cadet can be used for different grass types, thus requiring a reliable build that can withstand the test of time while producing constant results.

Particularly, the Ultima zt1 50 is a known durable machine made with an 11-gauge steel tubular structure and fabricated deck. The steel frame material is strong enough to withstand rough lawn conditions while still carrying a rider. Moreover, the square tubular frame increases this mower's strength to match its power to its sturdy impression. Another important aspect of durability is its tubular steel frame axle that is fully welded for maximum toughness to roll the wheels with minimal risk to damage by lawn debris.

Besides the steel build, the Cub Cadet coated exterior comes with the trademark Triple Guard corrosion protection system for preventing external wear and tear. Consequently, this corrosion protection coating increases the durability of the Cub's cutter for effective cutting over the years despite exposure to different mowing conditions. Additionally, this mower's seat is durable to withstand frequent use and any wear and tear caused by external factors. Eventually, you should expect this mower to maintain an attractive look even after years of utility.

4. Cut Quality

Reasonably, the performance of any lawn mower is primarily measured through the cut quality of its blades. Specifically, the Cub Cadet ultima zt1 50 is built with a triple cutting blade system supported by its Aeroforce deck that also produces the mulching effect during a mow. As a mulching kit equipment, it causes cut grass to rot within the grass layers rather than leaving them exposed to dry and turn into choking straw. Also, due to its Aeroforce cutting system, this lawn mower can achieve fewer clumps, finer clippings, reduced stragglers, and increased evenness.

In addition to the cutting blade system, this mower comes with an adjustable cutting height for versatility across commercial and residential lawns. These deck height adjustments are most useful for a commercial lawn, such as an extensive golf course with uneven ground. Moreover, the 15 mower deck adjustment levels cover a grass height of 1 inch at the minimum and 4.5 inches at the maximum. Notably, the cutting quality of the Cub Cadet zt1 50 is enabled by a foot pedal built with a spring assist for a perfect cut with minimal turf damage.

In the end, the Cub cadet zt1 50 offers an incredible cut above most of its competitors at an efficient performance preferred by professional lawn care companies. So, you can easily give an extensive turf of up to 4 acres, a uniform and neat cut with minimal straining, and repeat jobs.

5. Comfort

So much on the mechanical performance, this Cub Cadet Ultima zt1 50 review also cares about your comfort as a rider. We love this mower for its all-around consideration because it would be illogical to have an effective machine that leaves its rider tired and bruised. In particular, the Ultima zt1 50 seat is both durable and adjustable. On its adjustability, a rider can conveniently adjust the seat using a knob depending on the terrain orientation for optimal comfort and safety.

Safety combines with comfort because the seat also protects a rider from toppling off the mower. Additionally, this mower's 18-inch seat is padded and high-back but with no armrests. Even so, the seat suspension is sturdy enough for maximum stability while clipping. This mower also has adjustable lap bars with three settings that complement the parking brake system for comfortable access and stopping.

You can also find another interesting addition on the comfort aspect regarding the mower's steering wheel. Even though some users might find it odd, you control the Cub Cadet zt1 50 with a rod system instead of a steering wheel. Reasonably, the rod system is installed to complement the ergonomic design of this mower. All-inclusive, this Ultima zt1 50 is built for optimized speed comfort even at either maximum forward or reverse speed.

6. Maneuverability

Another standout feature of the Cub Cadet Ultima zt1 50 is its zero-turning capability. This turning mechanism leaves no corner untouched due to its ultimate freedom to maneuver lawns. Also, the zero-turning maneuverability is complemented by its front tires that are built with a smooth floor. Subsequently, the front wheels can turn 180 degrees without damaging your lawn.

On the other hand, the rear tires provide excellent traction for easy maneuverability of uneven ground. Despite their maximum traction, the rear tires are built uniquely to handle uneven grass with minimal damage to the trimmed grass. So, regardless of the mower's plus the rider's weight, you will leave behind a neat lawn job with minimal or no tire tracks. Finally, the adjustable steering lap bars are also effective in ensuring that you maneuver those tight corners and avoid obstacles and debris on your lawn.

7. Ease of Use

If you invest in this mower, you should benefit from its ease of use that complements its comfort aspects. When it comes to all adjustable aspects of this riding mower, they are equipped with easy adjustments accessories such as the seat knob. Additionally, the zero-turning radius boosts ease of use due to the reduced turning effort around tight corners. Also, the zero-turning radius and effective braking system ensure that you can easily avoid or stop and remove debris on your lawn.

Even more, the Cub Cadet Ultimo zt1 50 comes assembled with easy maintenance features. Its spare parts are also available, with most being easy to fix. Overall, ease of use is topped by a detailed guide, available on the Cub Cadet website, on dealing with minor fixes.

8. Special Features

Still, on the Cub Cadet Ultima zt1 50 review, we found it important to highlight some of the special features that make this mower stand out among its peers. First, you can easily engage the reverse movement for optimal cutting quality without leaving uneven grass patches at maximum speed. Additionally, this mower has adequate control systems to slow down when necessary and turn, depending on the lawn's orientation.

Furthermore, this mower leaves your lawn neat by mulching the cut grass instead of having to come back and clear grass clippings, especially on an extensive lawn. Resultantly, we can confidently say that this mower builds soil fertility. You can also work under low light conditions, thanks to the dual LED headlights for maximum visibility. In the end, its three blades ensure that you give your lawn a clean and neat cut due to the sharp blades that are protected against corrosion.

9. Aesthetics

Beyond the mechanical structures and engineering concepts behind this incredible mower, it also comes with a beautiful aesthetic to bolster its presence on a lawn. Specifically, this mower's signature yellow exterior also provides a rider/owner with a calming effect while working on a lawn. Therefore, despite its sturdy build, the black and yellow accents make this zero-turn lawn mower appear nimble for convenient utility.

In addition to the appealing look, its unique steering lap bars provide a unique feel, unlike other riding lawn mowers, for an enjoyable ride, even when not mowing. Newer versions of this mower also have a half rollover bar that adds to its beautiful outlook and style as you cut your lawn.

10. Cost-Effective

Also, we love this mower for its economic gasoline consumption considering its robust engine capacity and performance. This consumption technique might sound like a paradox. Still, it can be easily explained by the 726 cc Kawasaki engine making the most out of every power outage as a conservation technique.

Further, this mower saves on the refueling time by having a large gas tank for adequate handling of 4 acres of lawn. This efficiency means that you can run this mower on a single tank for long before needing refueling. Eventually, this mower's spare parts are available and affordable for easy maintenance and repairs.

11. Maintenance

Just as any mechanical machine, the Cub Cadet zt1 50 requires maintenance for optimal performance at all times. Maintenance, in this case, refers to periodic oil changes, filter replacements, and giving it unadulterated high octane fuel. Occasionally, you will also need to check the blade status and sharpen or replace them when necessary.

Subsequently, these maintenance functions are enabled by an open frame design for easy access to major maintenance parts. On top of the regular maintenance, you will also get to enjoy the 3-year unlimited-hour warranty with a limited lifetime warranty on its fabricated deck shell and frame.

12. Safety Features

Lastly, the Cub Cadet zt1 50 is also built with safety features to protect the machine and its rider. To start with, this mower has a PTO blade application system for safely engaging the blades. Also, this mower is equipped with an effective braking system to avoid accidents. In addition, the rider's seat is padded and designed to prevent a rider from slipping.

On the part of protecting the mower, it comes with a bumper for protection against unseen debris and obstacles. Finally, the newer version of this Cub Cadet mower comes with a rollover bar for protection while tackling sloppy terrains.


  • Adequate zero-turn radius for detailed mowing
  • Reverse gear for easy movements
  • Comfortable adjustable seat
  • Excellent suspended and high seat for maximum forward visibility
  • Stable structure while mowing
  • Adequate and fine cutting blades
  • Durable build for long utility
  • Easy maneuvering on diverse lawns
  • Versatile cutting heights
  • Mulching for soil fertility
  • Adjustable mower deck for versatility across different lawn types
  • Large cutting width for saving time on extensive lawns
  • Adequate braking system
  • Corrosion-resistant cutting deck for long utility service


  • Lacks sun protection
  • Thin painting on some parts
  • No armrest for a riders stability


Generally, this Cub Cadet Ultima zt1 50 review reveals that this mower has all the features you might need for a neat and professional mow, whether at home or on a commercial lawn. In addition, the Cub Cadet is also a good mower for extensive turfs due to its wide cutting width and adequate fuel capacity. Eventually, you can find this great mower affordably.

Frequently Asked Questions on Cub Cadet Ultima zt1 50 Review

1. What’s so special about a Kawasaki engine?

Starting from the basics, Kawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd. is known for manufacturing heavy equipment and industrial robots. Therefore, having a mower with a Kawasaki engine translates to having a quality engine that is reliable with available spare parts.

2. Is a Cub Cadet's zero-turn mower good?

Zero-turn mowers are good due to their full maneuverability in tight corners and around obstacles. Therefore, the Cub Cadet zt1 50 being a zero-turn mower makes it ideal for large and small lawns.

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