Bears are back in the news, and they’re causing some problems. As such, here’s a quick primer on how to keep your home safe from them if you live near forested areas.

Bears can climb trees, but they cannot climb fences. Here are 7 ways to keep them away from your property. Read more in detail here: can bears climb trees.

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Bears should be avoided at all costs since they may be dangerous to you and your family. If you’ve lately seen bears in your region, you should strive to avoid them.

Some individuals may be concerned about how to get away from a bear if they come across one. Can bears jump fences, or would having a barrier between you and the bear keep you safe?

Bears can climb most fences, yes.

If you believe that a fence will keep you secure from a bear, you are gravely incorrect. Bears are capable of climbing most common kinds of fences, and they’ll be able to get to the opposite side of a robust fence.

A bear will be able to easily push down fences that are softer or less sturdy. If climbing isn’t an option, a bear might simply barrel through or break through a fence.

In general, you shouldn’t think of fences as a way to keep bears out of your yard unless they’re really tall or difficult for bears to climb. A bear isn’t going to be able to go through a regular fence.

Bears are excellent climbers, making it difficult to construct a bear-resistant fence. You must also consider the fact that bears may dig beneath fences in many cases.

Black bears, for example, are known to be excellent diggers, and they could easily burrow through a fence to reach the other side. If you put food in your yard that attracts bears, they will go to great lengths to acquire it.

How Can You Keep Bears At Bay?

Now that you know that fences aren’t going to keep bears away as well as you planned, you need consider your other choices. Avoiding bear encounters is the greatest approach to avoid problems, which involves keeping them off your land.

Continue reading to learn about numerous ways to keep bears out of your yard. These tactics should enough to keep bears at bay, and they’ll most likely seek food elsewhere.

1 – Place trash cans out of reach of bears.

Bears may come into your home in search of food by digging through rubbish. You may be able to keep bears away by putting your rubbish someplace else where they can’t get.

Keeping your garbage cans in an enclosed space, such as a garage, is a smart idea. You may leave the trash cans in the garage and only move trash to the designated collection place when the garbage truck arrives.

This may sound inconvenient in some respects, but it’s a lot better than getting surprised by bears as you attempt to leave for work in the morning. Keep your waste in a secure location away from bears.

2 – Store Compost in a Container

Bears may be attracted to compost heaps because they perceive it to be a tasty feast. If you have an open compost bin or pile in your yard, bears may be attracted to it.

Bears won’t be able to get to your compost if you keep it in a secure container. Many people store compost in lockable wooden containers, which is much preferable than having it all out in the open.

3 – Keep Your Grill Clean

Even something as simple as a soiled grill might attract bears. They may detect the odor of remaining meat on the grill, which might be the source of your issues.

You prevent problems like these, be sure to clean your grill properly after each use. It should deter bears from entering your yard.

4 – Get rid of bird feeders

If you have bird or deer feeders on your property, you should consider removing them. Even if you like observing birds and luring deer to your yard, the danger may not be worth it.

Bears will regard these feeders as a chance to have a food, and keeping them away from them will be difficult. If you’re going to utilize these feeders, make sure they’re as far away from your house as feasible.

5 – Make use of ammonia

Ammonia seems to be something that bears dislike. If you can utilize this aroma to your advantage, you may be able to deter bears from approaching your property.

Towels soaked in ammonia and placed in bins or garbage cans around your home are an excellent idea. This may be highly effective, but the smell of ammonia is unpleasant to people as well.

You don’t have to put the ammonia in a garbage can, but you should at the very least hang an ammonia-soaked towel someplace. To keep bears at away, some people have soaked towels in ammonia and strung them on clotheslines.

6 – Vinegar might also work

Another aroma that carries dislike is vinegar, which may be more palatable for humans than ammonia. Nonetheless, strong vinegar odors will be unpleasant on your house.

If you’re afraid about bears, enduring the vinegar smell is a minor price to pay for piece of mind. With vinegar, you may use the same strategy as with ammonia to make your yard less enticing to bears.

7 – Think about the different types of trees in your yard.

The presence of certain kinds of trees in your yard may attract the local bear population. Bears will seek out different fruits to eat, and if you have fruit-bearing trees in your yard, bears will be attracted to them.

For safety reasons, one approach is to remove the food supply from your yard. If you like having apple trees or other fruit-bearing plants, you may not want to do this.

If you follow the other tips above, you may not need to cut down the trees in your yard. However, if you’re concerned about bears being drawn to the yard by the fruit, this may be an alternative.

If You See a Bear, What Should You Do?

It’s advisable to keep away from a bear if you encounter one. If the bear spots you, though, it is not a smart idea to flee.

Depending on the sort of bear you’re seeing, it may be preferable to attempt to frighten it away. Although black bears may be deadly, they seldom attack people.

This is not to say that a black bear will not attack you. If you seem terrified, attempt to leave, or show weakness, a bear in a feeding frenzy may attack you because it sees you as prey.

Fortunately, bears are often frightened by people, and you can frequently drive them away simply by making a lot of noise. It’s also a good idea to make yourself as big as possible to dissuade the bear from approaching you.

Spread your arms and stand as tall as you can to achieve this. If you are attacked by a black bear, experts advise fighting back rather than playing dead since you will have a better chance of surviving.

Hopefully, the bear-repelling techniques outlined above will protect you from coming into close contact with a bear. Simply be cautious and do everything possible to make your property less desirable to the local bear population.

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