Another product from Black & Decker, makers of innovative power tools since 1910, the SPCM1936 gives you the power to mow your lawn like a pro with cordless technology and intuitive functions.

It is made for convenience and performance so you can have the nice clean lawn that you have in no time and spend the rest of your day relaxing or doing the more important things you need to do.

Perfect for people who…

This lawn mower is great for average yards. Its intuitive functions make it easy for you to do the job at your own pace so mowing no longer has to be stressful. It’s a lot quieter than gas mowers so you don’t need to worry about disturbing your neighbors. This is perfect for those who really don’t have a lot of time during the day to do home chores. With the help of the SPCM1936, more leisure time is made possible for you.

Product and Operating Features

The cordless technology makes mowing more convenient and efficient. You don’t have to deal with messy cords and worry about stepping on them while you work on your lawn.

It features a variable speed with self-propelled motor that adjusts to your ideal mowing pace.

The lightweight polymer cutting deck is very easy to clean and it doesn’t rust so you don’t have to worry about its long term performance.

You can switch its functions with a push of a button from mulching to bagging and rear discharge. And it operates just by starting the key. No more pulling for what seems like ages to make it work.

It has a one-touch height adjustment allows you to quickly alter the cutting height of all four wheels at once by just pulling one lever.

You can easily fold it for upright or compact storage so this is great for those who have limited space in their home so you can store it in a small shed or garage.

It is also very environment friendly because it produces zero harmful emissions in your yard unlike gas mowers which produce over millions tons of polluting air emissions per year. That is based on research of the Environment Protection Agency (EPA).


It can cut up to 1/3 acre home site with its 36-volt rechargeable battery.

The rechargeable battery plugs easily into any of your household outlets using its Energy Star – qualified for energy efficiency so you not only save power but also save money from your electric bill.

You can also get an additional battery so you can swap it and charge one while the other is in use. This way you can make sure it always has enough power.

Black & Decker SPCM1936 Pros

Very lightweight and well designed to optimize space in your home
Very easy to use, everything works with the push of a button
Easy to clean. This is very important because it saves you time and this way you can make sure that it will last longer
It comes practically fully assembled, only minor set up is required initially
Very quiet as described on the label
Fast charging

Black & Decker SPCM1936 Cons

It has difficulty running in slow speed on self-propelled mode
The blade can stay cutting once you let go so just make sure it’s off before moving on
It can be hard to pull back but once you get used to it, it won’t be a problem. Once it is disengaged, it is very easy to maneuver
Fast charging


The Black & Decker SPCM1936 electric powered mower is great for cutting small to average lots. The self-propelled feature is great because you can use it when it’s not turned on and move it around at your own pace. It is lightweight and very easy to use and easy to put away so you can mow your lawn faster and have more time for yourself, work, and of course your family.