The MM1800 is a fast and powerful mower brought to you by Black & Decker for precise cutting making your lawn mowing job a breeze.

No oil or tune ups, just a powerful electric motor that gives you enough power when you need it.

Perfect for people who…

This electric lawn mower is perfect for average yards. It features precision cutting performance great for those who have little time in their day to keep passing on the same patch. With the help of the MM1800, you can cut your grass easier and less often so you have more time for yourself and the more important things in your life. It is a three-in-one lawn mower designed for mulching and bagging with optional side discharge. It also makes less noise so this is great not only for your family but also for your neighbors.

Powerful 12 amp Motor

This mower uses an electric 12 amp motor so you have enough power when you need it for mulching or bagging your grass, making the job not only easier but a lot faster.

It features a quick-start. It starts with one pull of the handle and you’re ready to go. No need to waste time and effort just to make your lawn mower get to work.

It is recommended for cutting up to ¼ acre.

It comes with a 2 year limited warranty and a lifetime warranty on the deck.

Precision Cutting

Black & Decker MM1800 is made with an improved innovative blade design to provide better cutting results.

The one-touch height adjustment feature allows you to quickly alter the cutting height of all four wheels at once simply by pulling a lever. This is important because for some mowers, you may even spend more time adjusting wheels and handles before you even get started.

The cutting heights are from 1 ¼ to 3 ½ making it easier for you to adjust it under different circumstances.

The cutting path is 18” wide.


It has a lightweight design making it easier for you to push and turn on tight corners of your lawn.

It is easy to maneuver especially since it is easy to adjust the wheels so you can trim or mulch your grass nicely and evenly.

Three-In-One Power

The MM1800 features a 3-in-one function. You can mulch the clippings back into your lawn to give it a natural fertilizing effect.

It comes with a rear-bag assembly for easy grass collection which you can easily lift through the handle so you can empty it in no time.

It also has an optional side discharge function.

Compact and Easy Storage

Black & Decker MM1800 folds down easily for easy storage and would fit nicely even in small spaces. It folds in an upright position so you can put it one side or in the shed.

Black & Decker MM1800 Pros

No gas
It is quieter than most gas mowers and some electric lawn mowers as well
Easy to maneuver
One-touch height adjustment
One step startup
Low maintenance

Black & Decker MM1800 Cons

Since it is corded, you would have to be more careful with your steps and cutting path
The fan is made of plastic but you may replace it if you want


The Black & Decker MM1800 is a powerful corded electric mower great for average yards. It is a great alternative to gas mowers giving you the mulching and bagging power that you need without the hassles of gas. It is easy to use, start and maneuver perfect for your busy day.