The Black & Decker (LM175), 18-inch, 6.5a electric mower is a compact electric lawn mower. The best part about this revolutionary gadget is that it is reasonably priced, It is almost 50% off the regular price of gas-powered lawn mowers. Talk about affordability! Need to hear more? Now let’s enumerate the best features of this mini-wonder machine.

Features of Black & Decker (LM175):


It has a 6.5 amp motor and 18-inch cutting path and 100 foot range and weighs only 35 pounds. It will work well in any kind of grass, weeds, flower beds, flower boxes or any garden ornaments found in your lawn. Because of its compact and sleek design, it has the ability to move in every inch and corner of the garden as it boasts of flexibility. You can be assured that you will be able to reach even the narrowest corners of your garden.


You will simply love this small and compact machine which works like your vacuum cleaner. Its lightweight and compact design allows you to maneuver the machine even in the difficult- to-reach corners of your garden. You will not be able to do this with the use of the bulky gas-propelled lawn mowers which were used the past. This handy equipment lets you move freely from one corner to another without all the hassle.


This machine has a plastic projection or flange where you can easily hang the power cord’s hook before you switch it to the power plug. You can be assured that there will be a continuous flow of grass cutting without any interruptions.


This smart tool also allows you to set the height of grass to be reduced. The one-lever height adjustment regulates all four wheels at once ranging from 1 to 3.5 inches. You will only need a wrench to remove the wheels and you can already choose which among the four holes will suit your preferred height of garden grass. You just have to make sure that all bolts are fastened securely to avoid any glitch. Normally, it is advised that at least one-third portion of the grass height is retained for proper garden grooming.

Advantages and Benefits you will get from the Black & Decker (LM175)


It is very economical as it does not use gas compared to other mowers. You will save yourself from the agony of inhaling fumes of hazardous and toxic chemicals while working your way to remove weeds and chop off unruly grass. It is also guaranteed environment-friendly. Nowadays, you also have to consider the environmental aspect of the products and equipments that you will use in your household. As part of a concerned citizen caring about your planet, you take into consideration being part of the solution rather than adding to the problem. This equipment is ozone-friendly as it has eliminated gas as part of its component. Affordability and ecological value rolled into one machine. It is time to go green nowadays.


It is also a space saver because of its compact size, weighing only 36 pounds. It won’t need much space for storage and you are assured that you can easily keep it after use by allotting just a small portion of the garage for safekeeping. Isn’t that a treat? Now you can say goodbye to those bulky lawn mowers that are difficult to store. Say hello to this mini-wonder!


Unlike the conventional and old fashion lawn mowers, this equipment has a modern feature for turn-on and turn-off. All you have to do is to pull down the lever to start this garden tool working. The safety feature also automatically shuts-off upon release of the lever. This is one of the excellent features which have scrapped the conventional process of yanking the cord of gas propelled lawn mowers to turn on the machine. You will be far from danger as the machine can be conveniently operated with the lever.


The only slight setback about this machine and is that is it has no battery. Performance wise, it is so powerful that you will hardly notice such minor drawback. You will be truly satisfied with the electric cord that comes with the machine. Who needs a battery when the complete package already works wonders, right?


It is highly recommended to purchase this product. It has received 4.5 stars based on reviews and satisfied customers. Maintaining a beautiful garden does not have to be expensive. Consider rewarding yourself with this incredible cost-effective garden equipment and you won’t have to worry about garden services ever again. You will be amazed that your garden will be clutter-free and spic-and-span in no time! Think about all the savings that you will get by availing this revolutionary tool that is worth your every cent. When purchasing a home appliance, there are only two important things to consider. First is price and second is performance. So far, the Black and Decker Electric Mower, 18-inch, 6.5a (LM175) had surpassed these two tests.