The American 1815 is a well designed hand pushed reel mower which provides great performance. It is solid sharp and easy to use unlike most manual mowers of its kind.

It is built with quality materials so even for its price it is of great quality and can be used for long term.

Perfect for people who…

This is perfect for smaller yards. Although it is lighter, it can handle hard to access rouge patches of grass so you can get the power and performance you need without the hassle of gas or the extra costs of an electric motor.

It is easy to use and maneuver. This is great for those who are on a budget and looking for something that is efficient and affordable. It requires little maintenance. It is also environment friendly and quieter than gas mowers.

Operation and Functions

The cutting heights adjusts from ½ to 2 ¼ inches. It is simple and easy. It takes about 10 to 15 minutes to readjust with the help of a couple of wrenches. The roller bar can be adjusted up and down by unscrewing the legs.

It features 10-inch wheels with radial tires allow less cutting time. It provides a nice clean cut.

It has a wide enough coverage so it requires fewer passes.

The blades stay sharp longer than rotary mowers so you save on maintenance costs and hassles.

It comes with a 2 year limited warranty.

Performance and Design

It uses five heat-treated knife-sharp tempered alloy steel blades that can be adjusted for varying grass heights.

It also uses a 2 inch welded shrub bar so you can push it more easily and conveniently.

The handlebar has a soft foam cushion so you don’t stress your hand too much as you are working and it provides better maneuverability.

It provides an 18 inch cutting width.

It is also compact so you can easily store it even in tight spaces.

American Lawn Mower 1815-18 Pros

Lighter and smaller than most gas mowers
Operation is quieter than gas
Comes at a very reasonable price
The metal built ensures lasting performance and quality
Provides great workout
Easy to push around

American Lawn Mower 1815-18 Cons

This is only for small yards
It will not do well with twigs, leaves or debris so this is really only for mowing grass. If you have those, it will work fine if you rake them off first. After all this is a manual mower so you can’t expect it to eat up leaves or grind twigs
The assembly is not that easy but it comes with the manual so all you have to do is to follow the instructions and it won’t go wrong
The height adjustment also requires some tools
Not recommended for hilly yards
You may have to mow more often


The 1815 push reel mower is a great manual lawn mowing tool for its price without the hassles of gas or cost of electric mowers. It is perfect for smaller yards and it cuts grass speedily with great maneuverability.

Although it will not perform as well as electric or gas mowers when it comes to twigs or leaves, the cutting performance for grass is good and there is also very little maintenance required. This is a great mower for those who have relatively flatter and healthier yards.