Geckos have been a problem in the home for centuries and modern science still has few answers. Some people use these pests to hunt, while others are just annoyed. Here are some ways you can get rid of geckos from your air conditioner today!

Geckos are truly a nuisance and can wreak havoc on your home. There are 9 surefire ways to get rid of geckos in your air conditioner.

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You may think geckos are adorable, and they seem to be rather harmless. Geckos aren’t usually an issue, and you shouldn’t be alarmed if you find them near your home. However, if geckos begin to penetrate your air conditioner, you’ll have a problem.

Due to their cold-blooded nature, geckos often seek for warm environments. This implies that they like the warmth of the circuit boards found within air conditioners. They often enter air conditioners and subsequently pass out on electronic printed circuit boards.

So, why is this such a big deal since geckos are typically friendly animals that will not attack you? As a result, your circuit board may fail, and the poor tiny gecko may perish.

You should take actions to get rid of geckos in your air conditioner if you care about the geckos and want to safeguard your air conditioning unit’s investment.

1 – Make use of mothballs

Mothballs may be an effective deterrent for keeping geckos away from your air conditioner. The fragrance of mothballs will repel geckos, and it will assist to keep your air conditioner safe.

This is a great and affordable solution to deal with the problem, but it’s also essential to remember that mothballs may be deadly if consumed, so keep them away from children and dogs.

Of course, most people don’t like the scent of mothballs either. It’s still not horrible, and you might utilize this strategy to keep your air conditioner safe. It’s a viable alternative that you should examine.

Lanolin (no. 2)

Lanolin is another possibly effective approach to keep geckos at bay. Lanolin has a strong odor that geckos despise.

If you put a little lanolin near the air conditioner, you won’t have to worry about geckos getting inside.

Garlic Gloves No. 3

This alternative may not appeal to you since you do not want your house to smell like garlic all of the time. Garlic cloves have a strong stench that will drive geckos away from your property.

It will work rather well to keep geckos out of your air conditioner, but it will also stink up your house, which isn’t ideal.

4 – Onions, cut

Although most people dislike cutting onions, you may use sliced onions to keep geckos away from your outdoor air conditioning unit.

To achieve the optimum benefits, just chop up some onions and set them near the air conditioning unit. When geckos smell sliced onions, they will typically flee, and your issue will be fixed for a short time.

You may not want to eat onions all of the time only to keep your air conditioner safe. Although onions are normally cheap, this may seem to be a waste.

Nonetheless, it works quite well and is a safe solution to keep geckos out of your air conditioner.

5 – Mix of Pepper Spray

A pepper spray mixture may also be used as a gecko deterrent. To spray it, combine some cayenne pepper or Tabasco sauce with some water.

This should keep geckos away from your air conditioning unit if sprayed on the walls around it.

The only disadvantage is that it does not always smell good. If you don’t want your air conditioner’s wall to smell like pepper spray, you should probably search for another solution.

If you don’t like this method, there are several more on this list to keep geckos out of your air conditioner.

Vicks VapoRub #6

Many individuals swear by Vicks VapoRub for its effectiveness in treating chest colds.

If you already have some of this, you may use it to keep geckos away from your air conditioner as well. The fragrance of this material is repulsive to geckos, and they will avoid it at all costs.

It will be simple to keep geckos away from your air conditioner as long as you have some of this on hand. To keep your house smelling like Vicks VapoRub, put some of this in a humidifier.

However, some of the other solutions in this article may be more practical.

Eggshells (nine)

People have reported being able to keep geckos away by scattering eggshells about the home. Simply break an egg in half and arrange the two shells in a convenient location.

You should be able to keep geckos out if you leave two parts at each entrance to your house.

Some people believe that geckos see broken eggshells as a threat and flee immediately. It seems to work rather well, and you don’t need to be a gecko expert to notice.

If you have any leftover eggshells from breakfast, this may be a nice way to put them to good use.

8 – Tobacco or Coffee

If you enjoy geckos or just don’t want to injure them, don’t use this approach. Coffee and cigarettes are harmful to geckos and may cause them damage.

This makes it an excellent technique to get rid of geckos, but it’s harsh, and you don’t actually need to kill the geckos since they’re not destructive except to your air conditioner.

This is something you should only do as a last option, and even then, it doesn’t make much sense. Coffee is costly, and you won’t want to waste it, just as you wouldn’t want to squander cigarettes.

Just keep in mind that this is something that has the potential to harm geckos.

9 – Professionals may also assist.

You may also hire specialists to assist you with your gecko issues. They may use some of the ways outlined above to treat your air conditioner with a particular combination.

Asking for aid with gecko deterrent is a good idea if you’re planning to have your air conditioning equipment examined at anytime soon.

Air conditioning installation and maintenance companies often assist consumers with this. These firms are continually having to assist clients prepare their air conditioning systems to be gecko-free in locations where there are a lot of geckos.

You won’t have any trouble finding assistance, and you won’t have to be concerned about geckos any more.

Make a decision.

Now that you have been given the necessary information, it’s time for you to Make a decision. about your gecko issue.

Those adorable tiny geckos aren’t attempting to harm anybody, but you must protect them from themselves by taking the appropriate precautions. The simple gecko deterrence tactics outlined above will allow you to keep your AC unit safe while also sparing gecko lives.

There’s nothing wrong with just entrusting your air conditioning needs to the specialists. Just be aware that if you discover geckos near your air conditioning equipment, you must take action.

Even if you only know you have a lot of geckos on your property, it’s wise to take care of them now to prevent problems later.

Geckos are a common pest in homes. They can climb walls, and have been known to infest air conditioners. Here are 9 surefire ways to get rid of them. Reference: gecko barrier.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I permanently get rid of wall geckos?

A: There is no known way to permanently get rid of wall geckos without damaging the walls or house.

What will repel geckos?

A: A glass of water, a dry towel and soap.

Do geckos like air conditioning?

A: I do not know.

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