Bird poop is everywhere, and it can be tough to get rid of. Here are 9 smart ways you can keep the birds away from your patio or balcony: 1) Place a bird feeder in an area high off ground level
2) Install netting around a tree that’s at least 8 feet tall
3) Fill bowls with water on either side of eave so when birds land they splash into the bowl, splashing all over themselves 4) Put up signs near windows catching attention of nearby birds 5) Hang shiny objects outside by window – reflection will scare them away
6) Plant herbs like mint or catnip near porch for smelly plants 7). Invest in motion-activated sprinklers 8). Hire professional pest control services

The “how to get rid of bird poop on patio” is a problem that many homeowners have. The article will give you 9 smart ways to get rid of birds from your patio.

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Spending time on your patio is probably something you like doing quite a bit. This is particularly true if your patio furniture is attractive.

On a cool spring or summer day, you may relax on the patio and enjoy the air. It’s a terrific spot for lunch, and you can even have a party on the terrace if you like.

However, if you have a bird issue, this isn’t going to be as handy. Some homeowners have so many birds in their neighborhood that they end up with bird feces on their patio.

If you’ve seen a lot of birds defecating all over your patio area, you should do something about it. You must find out how to restore tranquility to your patio space so that you may enjoy it once again.

Continue reading to learn more about how to get rid of birds. If you follow the suggestions, you shouldn’t have nearly as many problems with birds pooping on your patio furniture as you had before.

1 – Make Your Yard Unappealing to Local Birds

You can probably make your yard less appealing to local birds before going any further. Birds will flock to your yard for a variety of reasons, including the existence of food sources.

Removing the food sources that the birds like will cause them to avoid your yard as much as possible. They’ll leave and travel to another location where they can readily get food.

If you’re attempting to get rid of birds, you don’t want to keep food outdoors at all. This means no more bird feeders, since they just serve to exacerbate the problem.

It’s also crucial to clean up any food trash that may have accumulated after a patio party. You may, for example, leave some pizza crusts on a dish or crumbs on the patio tables.

Birds will flock to your patio if you put out food like this. You should also keep any pet food you keep outdoors closed up in airtight containers.

After that, you should go ahead and clean up the yard to eliminate any natural food sources. Birds consume a variety of things, including seed-bearing flowers, berries from surrounding bushes, and a variety of other items.

If you maintain your yard in good shape, the birds will have less to eat. At the very least, it will make your yard seem less inviting than many of the other yards in the neighborhood.

Remove any water sources as well, since birds will be looking for places to drink. If you have a birdbath, you should remove it immediately.

It’s also a good idea to eliminate any additional sources of standing water. If you don’t take care of your yard, the birds will take advantage of spots where water pools.

Keeping your trees and shrubs trimmed is also a good idea. As a result, fewer areas will be available for birds to utilize as nesting sites.

2 – Near the Patio, Hang Reflective Objects

Birds should be hesitant to approach the patio if you hang reflecting things near it. What makes this so effective in scaring birds away?

Shiny, reflecting things seem to be able to deceive birds. When birds view reflected things, their ability to fly is harmed because they are unable to comprehend the reflections.

They will avoid reflecting things, which is an excellent technique to keep birds away from certain areas. This strategy will come in handy no matter where in the yard you’re attempting to keep birds away from.

When it comes to hanging reflective things, you have a few alternatives. Some folks may purchase reflective tape since it is simple to place in numerous locations.

The tape is also referred to as “reflective bird scare tape.” It’s not expensive, and it’s certainly worth acquiring if you’re looking for something reflecting to put near the patio.

You might also utilize stuff you already have at home. You may, for example, frighten the birds by hanging old CDs and DVDs near the patio.

This method is only useful if you have a large number of old CD-Rs that you will never use. It’s still a possibility for those looking for a purpose for goods that are gathering dust in their homes.

Mirrors and other similar items might also be used. You might also put reflecting wind chimes around the patio area to add some visual interest.

3 – Decoys for Predators

There will be a variety of predators that birds will be terrified of. When they notice predators, they know it’s best to keep as far away as possible.

Purchase predator decoys to put about the patio to take advantage of this. There are various decoys on the market, but owl decoys are a fantastic choice.

Owl decoys are reasonably priced and seem to be pretty realistic. You might set up multiple owl decoys in your yard to deter birds from making themselves at home.

The disadvantage of this method is that the birds may get used to the decoys. If you don’t move the decoys around a little, they could notice that they aren’t genuine.

You may simply fool the birds by changing the placements of the owl decoys on a regular basis. To keep the birds guessing, some individuals rotate various decoys in and out.

When you use snake decoys, you might also have excellent results. Rubber snakes that look like actual snakes might be purchased and placed near the patio.

Scarecrows have even been erected near patios by some individuals. This would also work, but it’s up to you to determine which route you want to go.

4 – Bird Repellent Devices Using Ultrasonic Waves

There are now ultrasonic bird repelling gadgets on the market. These useful gadgets may use ultrasonic noises to scare birds away.

These gadgets are quite simple to operate in order to keep your patio clean of bird feces. Simply put one near the patio and the birds will be enticed to stay away.

Humans will not be able to hear the device’s sounds, but birds will not be pleased. They won’t be at ease, and they’ll want to find another place to hang out.

This kind of device may simply be buried in the ground. The majority of them have a stake-like tip, allowing you to place them wherever in the yard.

You won’t have to bother about charging them since they’re fueled by solar energy. There are no batteries that need charging at an electrical outlet, and it is just more easy to leave them where they are needed.

However, it’s typically a good idea to make sure they receive adequate sunlight. If at all feasible, position the gadget near the patio in a sunny location.

You’ll appreciate how inexpensive these gadgets are. It’s simple to utilize this as a solution to your bird troubles since it’s inexpensive enough to be a good option regardless of your budget.

5 – Experiment with Smells That Birds Despise

Have you considered experimenting with odors that birds dislike? This is a quick and easy approach to make the patio area less interesting to the local birds.

The strong odors of several essential oils are known to repel birds. You might produce a peppermint oil combination to deter birds from landing on your patio.

Simply combine one-fourth cup of water and one-fourth cup of vinegar in a mixing bowl. Add seven drops of peppermint and seven drops of lemon essential oils to the mix.

After that, you may dip cotton balls into the mixture you’ve made. After the cotton balls have absorbed the liquid, you may scatter them over the patio.

This will serve as a temporary deterrent to birds approaching the patio. Because the aroma will fade with time, you’ll need to repeat this procedure on a frequent basis.

If you don’t like the notion of producing a chili pepper spray, you may try making one instead. To make this, fill a jar halfway with chili peppers, apple cider vinegar, and water.

Allow several hours for this liquid combination to rest in the sun. Shake it well before putting it in a spray bottle to use.

The birds will not want to come near the patio if you spray it with chili pepper spray. This works surprisingly well, although the aroma may not be to your liking.

Because you’ll be using the patio area, it’s probably best to select smells that won’t irritate you too much. Chili peppers combined with apple cider vinegar may be overpowering.

Regardless, this is a viable approach for keeping birds from pooping in the region. Depending on your expectations, it’s worth a go.

6 – Experiment with Bird Spikes

If you’re attempting to keep birds off your patio, bird spikes can be a smart solution. If you’ve seen birds congregating on your patio, the bird spikes can be a good solution.

This is simply a spiked strip that makes it difficult for birds to perch wherever it is put. Some individuals may install bird spikes on their balconies or fences in an attempt to keep birds away.

All you’d have to do now is figure out where the bird spikes should go. This may or may not make sense for you, depending on how your patio is set up.

Basically, if you know where the birds like to perch, you may try putting the spikes there. If the birds are just foraging for food on the patio, this may not be the most practical approach.

However, bird spikes should be kept in mind for a variety of reasons. If you’ve ever had problems with birds pooping on your deck or anything similar, you may want to consider placing bird spikes on the railing to keep them away.

Install an Awning #7

Awning installation might be an excellent answer to your bird poo problems. When birds fly over your patio, it’s conceivable that they’re merely pooping on it.

If birds are flying high over the patio and pooping, the treatments listed above might be very helpful. The feces would be kept off the patio by an awning.

There are a few advantages to having an awning that you should think about. On a hot summer day, for example, you’ll be able to sit outdoors and enjoy the shade.

An awning can also keep your patio furniture from fading due to the sun. Although an awning will not prevent this from occurring in the future, it will shield your furniture from the sun and the weather.

Granted, building an awning to prevent certain birds from pooping in the area may seem to be a lot of labor. Just remember that it might be a really lovely and helpful feature.

If you don’t have the time or money to erect an awning, you may be able to get by with purchasing some umbrellas. Patio umbrellas may function similarly to awnings, however they only cover a limited area.

To attempt to cover a large area, you may use two or three patio umbrellas. If the birds defecate while flying, the droppings will land on the umbrella rather than the patio or your patio furniture.

Bird Netting (number 8)

Many individuals also use bird netting to keep birds away from particular areas of their yard. Bird netting might be used to deter birds from coming too close to the patio.

To put netting over the top of the patio, you’d need to construct some kind of structure. This may be a significant amount of effort to put in for something like this.

Using netting as a remedy for patio bird pests is also less viable. It makes logical to use netting to keep birds away from some plants.

Bird netting may also be used to keep birds away from your fruit plants. It may work in theory to prevent birds from accessing the patio, but it may be troublesome.

When the purpose is to protect the patio, it makes more sense to build an awning in many ways. It would also be difficult to utilize the netting to prevent birds from wandering on the ground and into the patio area.

However, you might still use netting to cover specific areas of your yard. It may assist you in deterring the birds from visiting too often.

Netting could be more viable if there’s a space near the patio where the birds are perching. Bird netting may be used to prevent birds from perching in specified spots.

9 – Gel for birds

Another method for preventing birds from perching is the use of bird gel. The objective is to apply gel to the areas where the birds are most likely to attempt to settle.

When a bird tries to land on its favorite perch, it will be unable to hold the perch. It’ll slide, and the bird may even fly away once it realizes it’s in contact with something slimy and odd.

The gel has no effect on the birds in any manner. It just prevents them from landing in particular areas.

If the gel gets on a bird’s body, it has the potential to injure them. This might make it difficult for the bird to fly correctly, making it easy prey for predators in the region.

You may determine whether or not this makes the bird gel notion a terrible one. The birds should be able to avoid getting the gel all over their body.

People have used this method to keep pigeons from pooping on their fences. The bird gel in question is both affordable and simple to use.

If birds are perching on a fence or other structure near your patio, the bird gel may be able to assist you get rid of them. It’s a straightforward approach that won’t take long to implement.

Last Thoughts

You may attempt a variety of methods to keep birds from defecating all over your patio. If bird feces is becoming a major issue in your patio area, you need take immediate action.

To get rid of the birds, you could wish to utilize an ultrasonic repellent device. Occasionally, just hanging reflective items will enough to resolve these concerns.

Simply take your time to study all of the possibilities listed above in order to make an informed selection. Moving ahead, you’ll have an easier time enjoying your patio.

how to deter birds from pooping on car” is a smart way to get rid of birds that are pooping on your patio. The article includes 9 different ways to deter the birds and keep them away.

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