Burning a fire pit is an ancient tradition, but when you’re done with it, what do you do? Here are eight ways to use the ashes.
1. Bathing: Soak your feet in a bucket of water and ash for five minutes before going into bed at night to soak up all those extra minerals from the earth that help prevent inflammation and other bone-related health conditions. 2. Ant control: Mix some crushed ashed leaves or twigs with sugar on top of ants’ trails near your home; they’ll spread out looking for food without getting close enough to bother anyone else! 3. Garden mulch: Ashes make great potting soil amendment if you’ve got any clay available in your backyard garden–just mix two parts ashes to one part clay (or sand) 4. Weed killer: Instead of using chemical weed killers like Roundup, just sprinkle some dry crushed ashes around plants so it suffocates weeds while fertilizing them at the same time 5. Lawn fertilizer: Spread fresh ashy compost over lawns every few weeks 6Paintbrush cleaner/polish head maintenance tool 7Deodorizer 8Toothpaste

The “which plants like wood ashes” is a question that has been asked many times. The answer to the question is that most plants do not like wood ash, but there are some exceptions such as mint and thyme.

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Having a beautiful fire pit in your garden is simply wonderful. You like spending as much time as possible around the fire with friends and family.

It’s a great way to spend time with the people you care about. It’s also wonderful to have it as a source of warmth while hanging out in the yard on a cool night.

However, the ashes from your fire pit will remain. You may want to do something with all of your ashes if you’re creating a lot of them.

Rather of throwing the ashes, it would be a good idea to put them to good use. Continue reading to find out what you can do with the ashes from your fire pit.

1 – You Have the Ability to Improve Your Soil

Amending your soil is sometimes a smart idea. It’s conceivable that your lawn’s pH balance isn’t in the proper range.

The ashes from the fire pit will undoubtedly come in helpful if you need to change the pH balance. You’ll want to check the pH balance of the soil first to see where things stand.

Generally speaking, you should aim for a pH balance of 6.0 to 7.0 in your soil. However, depending on whether you’re attempting to assist specific plants develop, you may need to adjust the number lower or higher.

Plants flourish in a variety of pH ranges. So whether you want alkaline or acidic soil in your garden will mostly rely on the plants you’re cultivating.

If your garden or lawn has gotten excessively acidic, you may amend the soil to correct the problem. It’s simple to perform, and it helps you to get rid of some of the ashes that have accumulated in your home.

2 – Compost Bins Can Accept Ashes

Maybe you have a compost container that you like using. Composting is an ecologically efficient approach to dispose of organic waste.

Compost may be used to nourish flowers and other plants. The ashes you’re wanting to get rid of may be readily thrown into the compost bins.

A little amount of ashes sprinkled on the compost pile will provide nutrients to the mix. It will improve the quality of the compost for your plants.

Some individuals choose to prepare their own compost tea in order to aid plants. This is accomplished by immersing the ashes in water for five days.

You may apply the ashes to the soil as needed once the five days are over. This might be an excellent fertilization strategy that saves you money.

3 – Ashes Can Be Used To Clean

You may not realize it, but ashes can be used for cleaning. When it comes to cleaning glass or metal surfaces, you don’t need to spend a lot of money on cleaning chemicals if you have ashes on hand.

You may make a paste by mixing wood ashes with a little water. This may be used as a somewhat abrasive cleanser to clean filthy glass.

It’ll also come in handy for polishing tarnished metals. It may also be used to get rid of sticky adhesives that have clung to surfaces.

You’ll need to put this wood ash cleaning paste on a cotton towel to utilize it. To protect your skin, put on work gloves and scrub the area you want to clean.

It’s a good idea to try out the wood ash cleaner on a tiny area first to see how effective it is. Once you’ve confirmed that it’s functioning, you may go on to a wider region.

4 – Repellent for Bugs

Outside, no one wants to deal with bothersome pests. Ants, slugs, and snails are examples of pests that are just too bothersome.

When it comes to repelling these pests, wood ashes are quite effective. Wood ashes may be sprinkled over plants that may be infested with certain pests.

If you want to keep ants off your patio, creating a wood ash ring around it can be a good idea. Granted, the ashes will wash away when it rains, so this is just a temporary remedy.

In any case, this is a useful advice that might assist you. Snails, ants, and slugs become less of a nuisance in your yard as a result of this.

5 – Make Your Own Soap

Making handmade soap out of wood ashes will be a unique experience. People used to create soap from wood ashes on their homesteads a long time ago.

You may produce lye by mixing wood ashes with water. This is a necessary component in the production of soap.

Of course, in order to manufacture lye, you’ll need to fire hardwoods. Potassium-rich trees like beech, hickory, and ash may make lye.

Making your own soap is a fun activity to take on. It will take some work to gather what you need, but knowing that you can make your own soap products this way is quite fulfilling.

6 – Putting out Fires

It’s really a good idea to have a pail of ashes near your fire pit. This is due to the fact that wood ashes are excellent for putting out flames.

If a fire starts to spread, you should attempt to smother it with wood ashes as soon as possible. Ashes are great because they may create an airtight barrier that will put out the fire.

It will be prudent to maintain at least some wood ashes on hand in the event of an emergency. There may be situations when you need to swiftly put out a fire.

This may be used if you don’t have access to a fire extinguisher. It’s also useful in situations when you won’t have access to sand or dirt to put out fires.

7 – Getting Rid of Oil Stains

Accidents happen all the time while changing the oil in your automobile. The majority of folks who change their own oil have spilled some oil on their driveway at some time.

Oil stains are the worst, but if you have wood ashes on hand, you can soak them up. Wood ashes are excellent in absorbing oil spills.

You’ll be able to sweep the driveway and everything will be great after the ashes have absorbed the oil. It’s a simple method that will prevent your driveway from becoming a discolored disaster as a result of your oversight.

As you can see, having some wood ashes on hand is beneficial in this situation. If you change your own oil on a regular basis, this tip will come in handy in the event of an accident.

8 – Wood Ashes Can Assist in the Prevention of Slippery Walkways

Do you have any pathways that are slick? You may try putting wood ashes on your shoes to assist you get more traction.

This is a great strategy to use while it’s snowing or raining outside. It’s possible that adding a little additional traction may prevent you from sliding and falling.

Another option is to utilize the ashes to give traction in an emergency. If your automobile gets stuck in the mud or snow, for example, you’ll need some traction.

One approach to get the automobile unstuck is to dump some wood ashes beneath the tires. Some people even store wood ashes in their automobiles in a metal container in case of an emergency.

It will be beneficial to be able to get out of a tight situation like this. Wood ashes might help you regain the traction you need to get back on the road.

It’s a good method to use the ashes, whether you use them to aid your automobile or to guarantee that you have good footing. Rather just tossing the ashes away, you may simply put them to good use.

Ashes Are Extremely Beneficial

You’ll have a better grasp of the value of wood ashes after reading the material above. You make wood ashes all the time when you use your fire pit, but they don’t have to be thrown away.

Instead, the ashes may be used for a variety of applications. It’s a good idea to test your yard’s soil to determine whether it needs to be corrected.

It will not be difficult to amend the soil with ashes. It’s an excellent approach to maintain the proper pH balance in your garden or lawn.

You might also use the wood ashes to create something unique. Making your own soap with the ashes may be a very enjoyable endeavor.

Wood ashes may also be stored for safety reasons. They may be used to put out flames and give traction on slick pathways.

When you have wood ashes, you can repel insects like ants, slugs, and snails. You may use it to protect your plants or just to keep pests away from your patio.

To make your compost more nutrient-dense, mix in some wood ashes. You may also produce your own cleaner by making a cleaning paste with wood ashes and water.

You’ll probably put some effort into using wood ashes now that you realize how valuable they may be. Let your friends know what you’ve discovered so they may start reaping the benefits of wood ashes as well.

The “how to spread wood ash on lawn” is a great way to use the ashes from your fire pit. The ashes can be used as fertilizer, or they can be mixed with water and used for garden watering.

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