Find your own creative ways to grill without a grill. In this article, we share 8 creative ideas for grilling without the need for an outdoor or indoor cooking surface. Plus you can add grilled marks with salt and pepper, flour, sugar and vinegar!

The “grill taste without grill” is a way to cook food that doesn’t require the use of a grill. This method allows you to add grill marks and get the same grilled taste as you would with a grill.

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Nothing beats a succulent grilled steak or chicken breast complemented by a variety of grilled peppers, zucchini, and onions. So, if you don’t have a grill, what do you do? You’re preparing food without one!

Not everyone has a backyard where a charcoal or propane barbecue or BBQ can be put up. However, there are ways for cooking food that tastes and looks like it was grilled.

Here’s everything you need to know about grilling without a grill so you can enjoy a dinner that tastes like it just came off the grill with your family and friends.

1. Broiling in the oven

The broil option on your oven may be used to grill fish, meats, poultry, and vegetables. The broiler cooks food fast, similar to a grill, resulting in meats like fowl that are crispy on the exterior and soft and juicy on the inside.

Heat is generated from the top of the oven rather than the bottom, and it cooks at a high temperature, generally between 500 and 550 degrees Fahrenheit. Invest in a broiler pan if your oven does not come with one. A cast iron grill pan with ridges is a wonderful option since it enables excess fat to drop down and into the pan’s bottom.

To grill using the broiler, place the oven rack in the highest position, approximately 4 to 6 inches from the heating element, and preheat your oven’s grill function for a few minutes.

Before laying food on top of the pan, gently spray it with oil. The pan should then be placed in the preheated oven, with the door slightly ajar to avoid the oven from becoming too hot and the food from burning.

You may rotate the meal halfway through the cooking period to ensure that it is uniformly broiled on both sides. When broiling veggies, keep an eye on them since they might burn fast due to the intense heat.

Line the pan with foil for easier cleanup!

2. Skillet made of cast iron


Even while a cast iron skillet used on the stovetop won’t provide the same level of smokiness as a grill, it may provide flavorful results. Choose a griddle pan with ridges or a flat cast iron griddle pan for grilling sausages or steak.

The better your cast iron pan is seasoned, the better. Foods that have been cooked in a well-seasoned cast iron skillet have a flavor that is similar to that of an outdoor charcoal barbecue.

Prepare meats and fowl by marinating or seasoning them a few hours before cooking to enable the flavors to infiltrate.

When you’re ready to cook, put a little oil in a pan over medium to high heat and wait until the pan is hot before adding the food. Cast iron effectively distributes heat across the pan, ensuring that food is cooked evenly. To obtain a beautiful char on both sides, flip halfway through cooking.

Tip: Using as little oil as possible helps improve the sear on steak and poultry.

3. Use a slow cooker

You may prepare items with a great BBQ taste by using the crock pot. Pulled pork, pig shoulders, briskets, and chicken thighs all work nicely in a slow cooker.

In a crock pot, combine the meat, BBQ sauce, and smoking spices. Cook on low heat overnight or throughout the day to have supper ready in time.

Tip: Caramelize delicious onions with a spoonful of brown sugar in a skillet. To add even more BBQ flavor to the meal, put it to the crock pot before cooking.

4. Flavorful Smoking Seasonings

Seasonings may provide a grilled and smoky taste to meals. Season meats, poultry, and fish directly with spices or use in a marinade and allow the flavors seep in for a few hours.

To obtain a grilled taste, try using the following seasonings:

  • smoked hickory sea salt
  • paprika with a smoky flavor
  • chipotle chile peppers, chopped
  • Cumin
  • powdered garlic
  • powdered onion
  • Chili powder and cocoa powder combined

Combine one or more of these spices, a little olive oil, freshly ground pepper, and a pinch of honey or brown sugar in a bowl. Before broiling or grilling in a cast iron skillet, spread the mixture over the pork or poultry, cover, and chill for up to 6 hours.

Liquid Smoke (number 5)

Liquid smoke is another technique to acquire the smokey taste of grilling without using the grill. Liquid smoke may be purchased both online and at a speciality cooking shop.

To enhance the smokey taste, the liquid is filtered and concentrated from condensed smoke. Liquid smoke comes in a variety of tastes, including hickory and mesquite, and should be used sparingly to avoid overpowering recipes.

Brush a little liquid smoke over steaks, burgers, and sausages before and while cooking to add some flavor.

Mix liquid smoke with a little balsamic vinegar before brushing across meals for a more mild grilled taste.

Indoor Smoker No. 6

Consider creating your own indoor smoker to cook dishes directly in your own kitchen if you’re seeking for a novel method to barbecue without a grill. To prevent the smoke detector from going off, open windows and put on a fan before smoking.

Line the interior of a big metal pan with high sides with heavy-duty aluminum foil. Fill the interior with a layer of hardwood chips. For a smokey BBQ taste, applewood chips are a wonderful option.

Poke tiny holes in the foil to allow the smoke to escape. Place another layer of foil on top of the wood chips. On top of the foil, place a wire rack. Then, over medium-high heat, set the whole pan on the burner.

Smoke will begin to rise from the perforations as the pans heat up. On the rack, place marinated meats, fish, poultry, or seasoned vegetables. Cover the pan with a lid or extra aluminum foil to construct a cover.

Remove the food from the smoker and broil or grill it in a skillet for approximately 3 to 4 minutes. Smoke will have permeated the meal, imparting a grilled taste.

To get distinct tastes, try experimenting with different kinds of wood chips. Cherry, hickory, mesquite, oak, and walnut are all good choices for a smokey grilled taste.

7. Cook with a Culinary Torch


To prepare crème brûlée, brown meringues, melt cheese, and toast bread crumb toppings, most of us use a kitchen torch. You can use the same flame to cook meats and veggies to add a little char.

Use the torch to blacken red peppers, maize, chicken breasts, and juicy steak after they’ve been cooked.

8. Purchase a Countertop Grill.

If you love cooking a variety of dishes, an electric grill for your kitchen countertop can be a good investment. There are many types available, but they all replace gas and charcoal grills to rapidly cook meals inside or on your patio.

Indoor grills come in two main styles: those that cook solely from the bottom and need flipping, and those with a double contact grill that cooks from both the bottom and the lid.

Countertop grills are simple to operate and cook food that is juicy and delicious. Simply prepare the meats, fowl, and vegetables as you would on a charcoal barbecue.

Without a Grill, How to Make Grill Marks

If you’ve cooked food without using a grill and it has a wonderful taste, you may apply markings to make it appear like you cooked over charcoal. These grill marks may be achieved in two ways:

Method of the Ridged Pan

You may obtain a faux-grill effect by using a cast iron grill pan with ridges. Remove the meal from the fire after it has a uniform sear all over and keep it warm on a platter by covering it.

Without adding any oil, heat the cast iron pan to high. Return the food to the pan after it has been heated. Wait 1 to 2 minutes before gently moving the meal from the 10 o’clock to the 2 o’clock position. Continue to wait for another 1–2 minutes.

Then turn the meat or chicken and repeat the procedure on the other side. The ridges’ intense heat should sear grill marks into the food, giving it the appearance of being cooked on the grill.

Method with a Hot Skewer

A metal skewer and a gas burner or cooking torch are required for this approach. Heat the metal skewer until it’s red hot over a hot gas flame. If you don’t have access to a gas burner, a cooking torch will suffice.

When the grill is hot, push it against the meat, poultry, or fish to generate a few nice grill marks. It’s possible that you’ll have to reheat the skewer many times to maintain it hot enough to avoid sticking to the meal.

Last Thoughts on Grilling

With these ideas, you’ll be able to barbecue without a grill and have a delicious dinner every time. To get the greatest outcomes and grilled taste, try a few different methods.

Grilling is a great way to cook food, but it can be difficult to do when you don’t have a grill. There are alternatives for those who live in apartments that may not allow grills, such as using a pan or oven. Reference: grill alternatives for apartments.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get grill marks without a grill?

A: You can either use a cast iron skillet or you could try using the grill on your oven.

How do you get a grill mark?

A: For the best grill marks, it is recommended to use a cast iron skillet. If you do not have one of these pans, then using any other heavy cookware will suffice as well provided that they are dark in color and non-stick. To get your pan ready for grilling, first wash it thoroughly with some soap and water to remove any residue or oil on its surface before adding preheated cooking oil to its bottom surface (this should help prevent food from sticking). Then put your desired amount of steak on the hot pan before flipping it over onto the opposite side now cooked properly.

How do you get oven grill marks?

A: The best way to get grill marks on a steak is over indirect heat, like grilling with the lid closed. This results in a sear that produces nice dark grill lines.
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