It might be the coldest winter of your life, but that doesn’t mean you should leave your lawn out to die. Take a moment and roll up your sleeves with these seven cool activities for when it’s too cold out to mow the lawn.

The “leaf blower to dry carpet” is a fun, inexpensive way to get rid of excess water from the carpet. The leaf blower will also help clean up any leaves that might be on the floor.

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You most likely own a leaf blower, which allows you to effortlessly dispose of fallen leaves throughout the autumn season. They’re handy to have around to save time, but leaf blowers may also be used for a variety of other enjoyable activities.

Check out some of the fun things you can do with a leaf blower in the video below. This will offer you some unique applications for your leaf blower that you may not have considered before.

1 – Taking Amusing Photographs

Making goofy images with your leaf blower might be enjoyable for your children. You may convince them that the leaf blower is something from Ghostbusters so they can snap amusing photos.

Using your creativity and arranging amusing photos might keep your children occupied for hours. It wouldn’t be difficult to use some phone applications to add effects to your photos after you’ve shot them.

Many of these amusing suggestions will revolve on appealing to your youthful senses. This is definitely a concept that reflects a desire to simply have a good time and do something goofy.

You don’t even need a sophisticated camera to get some great images using your leaf blower as a prop. Everyone will be able to have a good time with only a normal smartphone camera.

2 – Using a Leaf Blower to Bowl

Leaf blower bowling is one of the most popular fun things to perform with a leaf blower. You can bowl if you have some plastic bottles that you can put up and a rubber ball of some type.

Your leaf blower will most likely be strong enough to move a variety of rubber balls. You might alternatively look for a somewhat light plastic ball that will still be able to knock the plastic bottles over when it collides with them.

Making a game out of this may be a lot of fun for you and your kids. Of course, your children must be old enough to properly use a leaf blower, and you must also follow all safety procedures.

If you like playing little games, here is another great way to put your leaf blower to work. It’s easy to get a game of leaf blower bowling started, and almost everyone should enjoy themselves.

3 – Fights in the Snow with the Family

When there is enough snow on the ground, having snow battles with the family will be a blast. You should be able to kick up a lot of snow if you have a moderately powered leaf blower.

This may add a new level of intricacy to the traditional family snowball war. Someone may be able to utilize the leaf blower to get an edge throughout certain snowball war rounds.

Naturally, you must remember to share the leaf blower so that everyone may enjoy themselves. If you have many leaf blowers, you may have snowball wars with them all.

The goal of these snow fights is to have a good time and see who can hurl the most snow at someone else. Remember to dress warmly and to have fun while maintaining everyone’s safety.

4 – Make yard cleaning a competitive sport.

If you have enough leaf blowers, you might make yard cleaning a game. The main concept is to see who can collect the most leaves and be proclaimed the winner.

Before you begin, you need establish some key safety guidelines. Everyone should have a designated area to stay in so that no one runs into each other, and it should be prohibited to attempt to cheat by blowing away any of the other player’s piles.

This concept will appeal to everyone who wants to make yard maintenance more enjoyable. The main disadvantage is that many families will not have many leaf blowers to use.

Even if this is a narrow notion that not everyone will be able to implement, it is still an interesting thought. Of course, while playing this game, you must remember to practice leaf blower safety as well.

5 – The Obstacle Course with the Leaf Blower

This next game concept is going to be rather involved, and not everyone will want to put in the effort. The objective behind this game is to create a little obstacle course out of crates or other materials found in your garden, which you will then blast a ball over.

You could go all out with this concept and make it such that you have to blast a ball over some ramps and over turns to get to the conclusion of the course. This game should be timed so that you and your friends or family may compete to see who can run the course the quickest.

You can only use the leaf blower to attempt to get the ball to proceed through the course, as you would imagine. It shouldn’t be too difficult to figure things out, and the amount of enjoyment you have with the obstacle course may be directly proportional to the amount of work you put into it.

6 – Golf with a Leaf Blower

You’ve probably heard about leaf blower bowling and are now learning about leaf blower golf. This isn’t going to be an exact replica of a regular golf course, but the concept is to build a goal-oriented area with a hole.

The goal is to take strokes and advance the ball toward the hole, just as in regular golf. Allow the participants to operate the leaf blower while standing behind the ball and for an agreed-upon period of time.

You may give each player a five-second sprint to see how close they can get the ball to the goal. The winner will be the one who can put the ball in the hole in the fewest tries.

7 – Vacuum Your Dusty Home

Leaf blowers may also be used to clean items that aren’t outdoors. If you’re so motivated, you may bring your leaf blower inside to aid with some inside cleaning.

A leaf blower may be useful for blowing dust out of corners, for example. Many vacuum cleaners fail to reach corners, which means that some areas may stay dusty.

If you bring your leaf blower inside, you can simply use it to blow out the dust and clean up the area. Overall, this is a handy little life hack for thorough cleaning in the spring.

A leaf blower is a tool that can be used to clean up leaves, debris and other small particles. Here are 7 fun things you can do with a leaf blower. Reference: what does a leaf blower do.

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