Deer are a common nuisance in homes and yards, eating plants that homeowners love. Deer can also spread diseases to other animals like dogs and horses if they stay too long. There are multiple ways for deer-proofing your home or yard without having to spend lots of money on fencing, including planting certain flowers around the outside perimeter of your property.

Deer are an important part of the ecosystem, but they can be a nuisance. If you want to attract more deer to your property, there are 6 simple ways that you can try. Read more in detail here: how to attract deer to your property.

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Deer may be found in many parts of North America, but you might be interested in attracting them to your land. Many hunters with big holdings prefer to retain deer in a certain region so that they may hunt them throughout the hunting season.

Keeping deer on your land and caring for the herd will result in healthy deer that you may harvest when they reach the appropriate age. This is why so many people want to know how to lure deer to their yards.

But how can you get deer to come to your yard? Are there any approaches that have been demonstrated to be trustworthy?

Continue reading to find out how to attract deer to your yard. There are a lot of things you may think about that will work well, and after you’ve read everything below, you’ll have an easier time attaining results.

If your yard is near the woods, deer are more likely to visit.

Of course, some individuals will be living in areas where there aren’t many deer. It’s doubtful that you’ll attract deer to your yard if you live too close to a busy roadway and don’t have any forests nearby.

Deer, on the other hand, may be found in many rural locations that are near enough to the forests. If your yard is close to the woods, you’ll have a far higher chance of seeing deer in it.

This isn’t to say that deer will appear in your yard for no cause. You’ll need items that deer like, since this will give them an incentive to come around.

You’ll discover a variety of methods for attracting deer to your yard in the sections below. Some of these suggestions may need some effort on your behalf, but they will be well worth it in the end.

Plant Food Plots (No. 1)

Planting food plots is one of the most practical things you can do to attract deer to your yard. Planting a variety of deer-friendly foods on your property can increase the likelihood that they will stay.

Plant forage foods that will appeal to the deer population in your area. Deer enjoy to graze on a variety of plants, which you should consider growing in your yard.

Deer consume chicory, orchard grass, and red clover that have been planted in people’s yards on a regular basis. It could even be worthwhile to produce vegetables like kale, maize, peas, and turnips in the hopes of attracting deer to the yard.

You might also attempt to produce a sufficient supply of particular sorts of nuts that deer like eating on your land. Acorns and chestnuts have been known to attract deer, so try to include these in your food plot if at all feasible.

You should be able to plant your food plot at a handy position if you have a big enough land. This will enable the deer to feel comfortable since the feeding plot will be far enough away from highways and vehicles.

You’ll be providing a secure haven for the deer, complete with everything they need. This will keep the deer coming back, and it may even prevent them from wandering too far away from the feeding patch.

When it comes to establishing food plots, it’s important to choose a location that will enable the crops to grow. You don’t want to plant anything in a flood-prone location since it might quickly wipe away your food plot.

Make wise decisions in order to have a pleasant time with the food plot. When it comes to keeping deer in your yard, creating a nice food plot is probably the most practical thing to do, which means thinking about where you’ll put the food plot is a smart idea.

Planting apple trees is number two on the list.

Planting some apple trees can increase the likelihood of deer becoming interested in your property. Because deer like the aroma of apples, if you have apple trees in your yard, they will want to visit.

You’ll be able to attract more deer to your yard if you grow apple trees. If you choose to plant crabapple trees, these will also function well.

Another advantage of having apple or crabapple trees on the property is that it provides shelter for the deer. It provides a good hangout location for the deer, and you’ll likely see a lot of them snacking on fallen apples or crabapples over time.

The main drawback to this concept is that not everyone lives in a region with an apple-growing environment. If it doesn’t seem like this will be a viable choice in your region, you may want to consider alternative options.

Just keep in mind that apples might help you attract deer to your yard. In fact, some people add apples to particular kinds of feed to entice deer to stay.

3 – You Might Want to Consider Using Lures

When it comes to attracting deer into your yard, deer lures may be useful. Deer lures are most often employed during hunting season to attract deer to certain areas, but they may also be utilized at other times of the year.

There are many different sorts of deer lures available, but the majority of them use smells. Scents, deer urine, and some kinds of pheromones may be sprayed in your yard to make it seem safe to the deer.

Deer urine may be the greatest item to sprinkle in the yard since it is the most effective at attracting deer to the region. You should squirt a lot of deer pee in the area of your yard where you want the deer to congregate.

If you’re trying to attract bucks to the area, you may try applying doe fragrance on different leaves and grass. Overall, this works well and should be a useful complement to your efforts to attract more deer to the region.

4 – Blocks of salt

Salt blocks will do a fantastic job of luring deer into the yard. Salt blocks have definitely been used to attract deer when hunting, but they may also be used to keep deer on your land.

You’ll need to acquire a salt block or two and set them in the area where you want the deer to congregate. Deer will be able to smell the salt block and will enjoy licking it.

Salt blocks may become quite addictive to deer, and they’ll keep coming back for more. Hunters take advantage of this to guarantee that as many deer as possible remain in the region.

Salt blocks come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and you may utilize them in a variety of ways. Some are salt and protein blocks that will supply the deer with a variety of nutritional advantages.

You may also get flavored salt blocks that have a certain scent. Many people find apple-scented salt blocks to be very effective in attracting deer to their yards, but other methods will also work.

If you’re going to use salt blocks, you may as well combine salt with protein powder. This is essentially the same as a salt block, except it comes in powder form so you can spread it out over a larger area.

It’s useful for enabling huge groups of deer to enjoy things at the same time. Only one or perhaps two deer will be able to lick a normal salt block at the same time.

However, salt blocks are far more durable, and rainstorms may wash the powder away. When you utilize salt blocks, even heavy rain won’t dissolve them, making it easy to just leave them out in the weather.

Many individuals also choose to use salt blocks that are designed to seem like natural blocks. The deer won’t know the difference between a regular salt block and one that blends in, but it may help protect other hunters from noticing what you’re doing to on your land.

Even while you shouldn’t have to worry about other hunters hunting on your own land, it does happen sometimes. This is why, rather of utilizing conspicuous salt blocks, many individuals choose to utilize salt blocks that can be readily hidden.

5 – Allowing your grass to grow taller is an option.

Deer want to remain concealed and protected, therefore they seek out as much cover as possible. Deer will be more attracted to your yard if there are areas where the grass is much higher.

Deer will not be attracted to very short grass since it provides no shelter at all. Deer also prefer to graze on grass, thus tall grass might be an option for them to feed on.

It may be good to have tall grass around the perimeter of your yard. However, as most people don’t like extremely tall grass too near to their houses, this may only be feasible if you have a huge lot.

You’ll become used to not mowing some areas of your land. It will produce ideal habitat for the deer, and you will have an easier job keeping them around.

6 – Consider Taking Down Fences

Fences are useful for a variety of reasons, but they may be a hindrance when attempting to attract deer to your yard. Deer will have a harder time getting into your yard if you have fences on your land.

If you want to make it simpler for deer to come to your yard, you should consider eliminating any existing barriers. At the absolute least, keep fences out of the areas of your yard where you want deer to congregate.

You may still put up a fence closer to your house to provide a secure space for your pets. This may or may not be possible depending on the size of your yard and what is practicable in your scenario.

Deer will have an easier time reaching where you want them to go if there are no fences in the yard. Deer may not be able to access food plots that you’ve established because of fences, which isn’t a good thing.

Last Thoughts

There are a variety of things you may do to attract deer to your property. Many of the suggestions above are likely to provide the greatest outcomes.

Planting a food plot is a wonderful place to start, and you may use deer attractants like deer urine to entice deer to the area.

Deer are also drawn to the aroma of apples, so just putting apple trees in your yard might be beneficial. Crabapple and apple trees have both helped homeowners observe more deer in their yards.

Deer are attracted to salt blocks, and you may also attempt to provide hiding spots for them in your yard. Deer will be more likely to come to the region if the grass is kept long and no barriers are erected.

If you establish the optimum circumstances for deer, you should be able to have a lot of deer on your land. If your yard is close to a wooded area, deer will be more likely to visit.

Deer are animals that are known to be attracted by movement and sound. If you want more deer in your yard, the best way is to make sure that you’re attracting them with natural noises during the day. Reference: how to attract deer in the daytime.

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