Bird feeders are a great way to attract wild birds. But what happens when these little creatures show up with an appetite for your neighbor’s blue jays instead? Learn how to make sure you’re the only one who gets fed on this list of five tips from expert Steve Kresser, author of “Feeding Your Pets With Homemade Diet.”

The “how to keep large birds out of feeders” is a blog post that offers 5 ways to get rid of blue jays at bird feeders.

The “what kills blue jays” is a question that has been asked by many. There are five ways to get rid of blue jays at bird feeders, including using a suet cake or hanging a shiny object near the feeder.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I keep Blue Jays out of my bird feeder?

A: You should consider investing in a birdhouse which is usually much smaller than the bird feeder. This will keep Blue Jays out of your yard, and they wont be able to get inside either.

What are Blue Jays afraid of?

A: Blue Jays are afraid of catching a disease or getting attacked by predators.

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