With the recent heat waves, many people are trying to find new ways of dealing with a lack of refrigeration in their camping trips. Here is a list of 48 mostly simple food ideas that can easily be put together without having to worry about cooling down ingredients.

The “ready meals that don’t need refrigeration” are a great way to make sure you have food on hand when camping. This article has 47 ideas for foods that don’t require refrigeration.

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Camping is a fantastic opportunity for you and your family to get away from your hectic life and spend some quality time together. All you have to do now is gather your camping supplies and choose a suitable location to pitch your tent.

Food for the length of your camping excursion will also be required. Some delicacies need an ice-filled cooler, but carrying more than one cooler might take up a lot of space. And ice!

Why not leave the cooler at home the next time you go camping? There’s no need to be concerned about not eating; there are lots of excellent, flavorful, and healthful meals that don’t need refrigeration.

Here’s a list of 47 no-refrigeration camping meal options.

Breakfast Concepts

The most crucial meal of the day is breakfast. Even if you don’t pack any chilled items, getting a good start on the day is simple.

1. Tea or coffee


Coffee does not need refrigeration. Simply ground the beans and pour them in a coffee percolator over an open flame on a grill. Alternatively, purchase instant coffee packets (link to Amazon) and create individual cups by pouring hot water into them.

Are you a non-coffee drinker? Bring a variety of teas so that everyone may pick their favorite.

2. Coffee or tea with sugar and cream

Sugar should be stored in a well sealed container and used to sweeten coffee, tea, and other dishes. The powdered creamer packets will enough if you need a little cream in your coffee.

3. Milk powder

It’s simple to prepare and goes well with coffee, tea, and morning cereal or granola. Simply stir in some cold water.

4. Hot chocolate in a flash

Great for youngsters and adults for breakfast – or relaxing beneath the stars at night near the fire. For a sweeter dessert, add tiny marshmallows.

5. Packs of juice

Bring both apple and orange juice to keep things interesting for the youngsters.

6. Cereals for breakfast

Every child has a favorite toy. Bring one or two bigger boxes, or purchase tiny, individual boxes for extra variety and smaller portions (see on amazon). Breakfast is ready when you add part of the powdered milk you prepared for your coffee.

7. Oatmeal that cooks quickly

Another quick and simple breakfast idea… Simply add boiling water to pre-sweetened rapid cooking oatmeal packets, which come in a variety of flavors. Use plain oats and add honey or maple syrup to sweeten. For added crunch, sprinkle with granola.

8. Muesli or granola

Make your own granola or muesli, or purchase it ready-made… Both are excellent breakfast options. Simply mix with some powdered milk.

9. Granola or energy bars


Energy and granola bars are both good breakfast or snack options. They’re also convenient to carry in your backpack when strolling or paddling in a canoe.

10. Pancakes with maple syrup

A package of pancake mix may simply be packed into your camping kit… Pancakes are not only simple to prepare, but they also smell fantastic on a crisp camping morning. Grill them in a frying pan with a little oil. Then drizzle with maple syrup or spread jam over top.

11. French fries

You won’t need to chill the potatoes… They also make a delicious breakfast when chopped and cooked with onions in a little oil.

12. Bread

Toast bread over an open fire and cover it with peanut butter for a variety of meals. Keep the bag closed and away of direct sunlight. It should last a few days without any issues.

13. Butter

Bring the butter as long as you’re not camping in hot weather. It will last two to three days if kept out of the sun in a sealed container. Toast with jam is a great way to start the day.

Peanut butter, no. 14

Peanut butter is irresistible to both adults and children, so carry a jar with you. Use it to make sandwiches with peanut butter and jam. Bring other nut butters, such as almond butter, instead.

15. Honey and jams

Individual jam and honey sachets are perfect for spreading on toast and buns. Alternatively, honey may be used to sweeten coffee or tea.

16. Bananas

Bananas are delicious at any time of day, are simple to carry in your backpack, and are inexpensive. Bananas dipped in peanut butter are a terrific breakfast or snack option for kids.

Keep in mind that bananas will only last a day or two if the weather is too hot.

17. Fruit

Perfect for any time of year, simple to pack, and healthy. Bring a variety of fruit, such as apples, oranges, and grapes, that your family loves.

Strawberries and raspberries can keep for up to two days in the shade if they are in season.

18. Fruit in cans

When you don’t have space for fresh fruit, fruit canned in water is a simple method to persuade your kids to eat it. Bring a variety of fruits and vegetables, such as peaches, pears, apple sauce, or fruit cocktail.

Lunchtime Suggestions

On a hot summer day, lunch is best enjoyed outside, in the sun. There are also many non-refrigerated items that may be used to make a delicious family meal.

19. Jerky made from beef and turkey


Dried pork jerky may be eaten with crackers and chopped vegetables for a healthy dose of protein. Grab a variety pack to keep you pleased.

Bagels and buns are number 20.

A pack of bagels or buns will last two or three days if stored properly. Use for sandwiches or as a side dish by grilling with a little oil and garlic salt.

21. Tuna sandwiches or bagels

Tuna salad on bagels or toast is a simple camping meal. Combine two or three individual mayo packets with a tuna can. Tin packets of tiny individual servings of tuna with various flavors are also available.

22. Chicken flaked from a can

Mix with mayonnaise in the same way you would tuna. Serve with crackers and fruit for an outdoor picnic.

23. Prepare the vegetables

Carrots, radishes, cucumbers, and cherry tomatoes may be stored without refrigeration for a few days. Simply keep them cold and away of the sun. Serve raw veggies with sandwiches, cut up.

24. Cookies from scratch

Make a couple of batches of your family’s favorite cookies, such as chocolate chip, peanut butter, or oatmeal raisin. Grab them while you can…they won’t last long.

25. Brownies from scratch

Another homemade dessert to bring camping. They’re also as simple to make and package as cookies.

Cookies and muffins from a box

Have you forgotten to bake before your trip? No problem – simply pick up a packet of cookies or muffins before departing for your vacation at the grocery store or bakery.

Dinner Suggestions

It’s good to return back to your campground after a long day of trekking and swimming in the stream for a lovely and delectable lunch. You may also prepare a delicious supper that everyone will appreciate with non-refrigerated ingredients.

27. Soups from a can


Dinner might be as simple as canned soups. Choose nourishing soups that are rich and robust after a day spent outdoors.

28. Soup over an open fire

With only a few items poured into a pot and allowed to cook for an hour over the campfire, you can make your own soup: bottled soup stock, carrots, onion, potatoes, and dried lentils. Pre-packaged dried meat is one option.

29. Vegetables grilled

Wrap non-refrigerated vegetables in foil and cook them over the campfire in individual servings. Simply drizzle with olive oil and season with salt and pepper. Carrots, potatoes, maize, onions, and butternut squash are all good vegetable options.

30. Baked potatoes

Instant potatoes are a convenient side dish for a variety of dishes. Simply cover with water and bring to a boil.

Pasta, tomato sauce, and cheese (number 31)

Put this together for a fast meal. Boil the spaghetti, drain it, then add the bottled tomato sauce. Top with grated cheese. Cheese, indeed.

Pesto sauce (number 32)

Pesto sauce is a pleasant alternative from tomato sauce over cooked pasta. Just because you’re camping doesn’t mean your cuisine can’t be improved. Top with grated parmesan cheese.

Hard Cheeses (number 33)

A block of hard cheese, such as cheddar, can survive for a number of days if the temperature isn’t too hot. Store in the shade, wrapped in plastic and then in a tea towel.

For up to three or four days, a container of grated parmesan cheese would enough.

34. Cheese and macaroni

When camping, a package or two of macaroni and cheese might rescue the day if you have hungry children.

Boil the water for the pasta, then finish with the powdered cheese, powdered milk, and water. If you have any butter on hand, use it.

35. Traditional baked beans

We’ve all had baked beans cooked in a can over the fire. Keep the camping tradition alive by heating up some beans for a fast lunch. Serve with nachos on the side for more flavor and a more substantial dinner.

36. Mexican dinner and packaged rice

Simply add the rice mixture to boiling water to make this meal. Rice may be plain or spiced.

You may eat the rice alone or combine it with a few other items to create a complete dinner — canned corn, salsa, and taco spice, for example. Then, for a Mexican night by the fire, serve in tortilla shells.

37. Garlic bread and canned chili

Heat a couple of cans of chili over an open fire or on the grill. While the chili is cooking, create toasted garlic bread by spreading a mixture of garlic salt and olive oil over the bread and toasting it.

On colder evenings, grated cheese on top of the chili is full and fulfilling.

38. Beef stew from a can

Don’t rule out meat stew… Beef, potatoes, carrots, and peas abound… There are several excellent brands on the market.

39. Spices and herbs

You don’t have to eat bland cuisine just because you’re camping. In a sealed container, keep a selection of herbs and spices.

Then, if you want to add a little flavor and spice to your campfire dinners, simply bring them out.

Snacks for Camping

Everyone tends to work up an appetite when camping. Have plenty of food on hand to calm those rumbling stomachs.

40. Popcorn

Purchase pre-packaged popcorn or prepare your own and keep it in bags. Around the campfire, telling tales and munching popcorn. This is a fantastic way to conclude the day.

41. S’mores


Graham crackers, chocolate, and marshmallows There’s nothing about S’mores that requires refrigeration. It’s a good thing, since a camping vacation without this delectable delicacy would be incomplete.

42. Nuts

There are nuts everywhere. Whether you’re at home or camping, a nutritious snack is always a good idea.

Dried fruit (number 43)

Raisins, dried apricots and apples, dried cranberries A tasty sweet treat that is nonetheless nutritious for children.

Fruit leather (number 44)

Fruit leather is a wonderful snack that both adults and children like. It’s simple to purchase and create.

45. Snack mix

Make your own trail mix and store it in compact, airtight containers or bags. When hiking, canoeing, or bicycling, trail mix is convenient to carry.

Mix nuts, dried fruit, shaved coconut, and tiny pieces of dark or milk chocolate together.

46. Cups for pudding

Not nearly as nutritious as trail mix, but enough when your children need a fast snack to stave off hunger. These separate pudding cups might prevent children from inquiring when supper is served.

Bring a variety of tastes, such as chocolate, vanilla, or butterscotch.

47. Oatcakes and crackers

On crackers and oatcakes, spread peanut or almond butter. Bring a container of Nutella and spread it over crackers with peanut butter for a nice treat.

As you can see, you can eat well when camping even if you don’t have access to refrigeration. You and your family will be able to have fulfilling and tasty meals with minimal effort if you pack the correct items and become creative.

So, now that you’ve acquired a number of non-refrigerator meal and camping food ideas, you’re ready to pack your belongings and hit the road.

The “food that doesn’t need to be refrigerated or microwaved” is a list of 47 camping food ideas. The list includes things like s’mores, hot dogs, and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

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