Camping is often a fun and relaxing activity, but sometimes you need to take care of your own personal business. Your camping trip may seem incomplete without an in-camp bathroom. Here are three ideas for bathrooms while camping that go beyond just looking clean!

Camping bathrooms are a great idea for those who like to get away from it all and enjoy the great outdoors. There are three camping bathroom ideas that you may want to consider.

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Okay, you’ve packed your cast iron pan for a barbecue and all the ingredients for S’mores so you can prepare these classic sweets over an open fire, but there’s one thing we don’t want to worry about until we get at our campground. What are our options for going to the bathroom?

We can all agree that doing number 1 or 2 at a campground is usually simpler for males than it is for girls. Even yet, choosing the ideal location is difficult for both men and women.

Always make sure you’re not standing in anything that may seem to be a weed or a lovely plant but may leave you itching afterwards.

The good news is that there are a number of treatments on the market that address this problem, and they are all readily accessible. Even better, there are some simple portable toilets that you can put up yourself, some in only a few minutes.

1 – It’s EZ Pee-Zee to Build Your Own Outdoor Toilet

A 5-gallon bucket, a pool noodle from a dollar shop, and a sharp knife or scissors are all you need to build one of the simplest but most efficient porta-potties you can make.

If you want to reduce cleanup to a minimal, place a waste bag in the bucket and let it flow over the rim. Make a slit directly down the centre of the pool noodle. This will allow you to put it all the way around the top of the bucket, forming a seat.

Run a line of strong glue around the rim and set the pool noodle over it if you want to make sure it doesn’t move about while you’re using it. Cut the bottom off of the bucket and set it on the ground to make cleanup even simpler.

If you want to be really orderly, create two toilets and label one for urine and the other for poo. Mark #1 and #2 with a piece of tape around each one. Simply place a roll of toilet paper on each handle and you’re ready to go – literally!

2 – A More Elegant Camping Bathroom

Take it a step further by purchasing a plastic molded garden chair; they are affordable, available in a variety of colors, and nest into one another. To make it appear like a genuine toilet, cut a circular hole in the seat and cover it with a conventional toilet seat.

You’re nearly done when you place the seat atop a 5-gallon bucket. You may add a roll of toilet paper to the bucket handle, just as you did with the seat.

3 – The Best Way to Use the Bathroom When Camping

If you want to sneak in a little “glamping,” you may check online for portable toilets designed exclusively for traveling, camping, and even boating. While the two variants stated above will undoubtedly suffice in your moment of need, there are more luxurious ones available.

The Jaxpety 5 Gallon Porta Potti is one that I really appreciate. This strong tiny toilet weights roughly 12 pounds, can hold up to 400 pounds of adult weight, and can be flushed after you’re done. When you first set it up, just fill it with water and remove the sliding valve before using it.

This porta toilet is available in a number of colors, which may help someone who is shy feel more at ease.

Please give me some privacy.

Whatever kind of toilet you use when camping outdoors, try to pick a location with some privacy so that whomever is using it does not feel humiliated.

Make sure you pack a sheet or huge blanket that you can hang from tree branches to manage this. As you work with it, you’ll be able to discover a solution to conceal the toilet chair.

Other Camping Bathroom Hacks

You should start storing some of your huge plastic coffee containers once you know you’re going camping. Ask your coffee-drinking buddies to preserve them for you if you don’t have any.

Clean them out thoroughly and use them to keep your toilet paper. It will keep the paper dry, and if you cut a wide enough slot in the side, you can take it out like a standard toilet paper holder when you need it.

You may construct a beautiful potable light that will make it easier to use the toilet when it is dark at night if you want to throw some light on the problem. An empty gallon milk jug that has been well washed and dried is all that is required for this basic light.

Check to check whether they have a light when you are shopping for camping equipment. Strap the headlamp on the jug and you’ve got yourself a sturdy, portable lantern.

Finally, everyone should wash their hands after using the restroom, and being outside makes it much more difficult yet crucial. Get a plastic laundry basket, preferably an oblong one, and fill it with personal hygiene products at the very least.

Fill a big spray bottle with water purchased from the dollar shop. A bottle of liquid soap, a package of wet wipes, a roll of paper towels, and a bottle of hand sanitizer should all be included. Adults, particularly children, will find it simpler to remain tidy if everything is kept in one location.

Camping is a great way to get away from the city and enjoy nature. But when you’re out in the wilderness, you might find yourself with no idea on how to go to the bathroom in the woods. Here are 3 camping bathroom ideas that will help you survive your trip.

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