Feeding birds is a popular activity, but it can be difficult to keep magpies from eating your bird food. With these easy tips provided by Ellwood City Mall in Pennsylvania, you will have peace of mind and only need to worry about the birds enjoying their feeders.

“How to scare away magpies but not other birds” is a blog post that lists 12 easy ways to keep magpies away from bird feeders.

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Magpies may be a little too cunning for their own good, so keeping them out of some garden areas can be difficult. You may learn some techniques of your own by analyzing their behavior, and you’ll soon be able to keep magpies away from your birdfeeders.

There are a few things you can do to keep magpies away from your birdfeeders:

  1. Use squirrel-resistant bird feeders.
  2. Take down your birdbath.
  3. Holographic pinwheels may be used.
  4. CDs that are reflecting should be hung.
  5. Make a spooky scarecrow.
  6. Make use of big eyes.
  7. Consider spiral reflectors.
  8. Place reflective tape on the floor.
  9. Plastic water bottles should be hung up.
  10. Get yourself a predator decoy.
  11. Pet food should be kept inside.
  12. Maintain a neat and tidy yard.

Learning to think like one of these shrewd little survival champs is the greatest method to keep magpies away from bird feeders. They may not be the most attractive birds, and they may be bullies, but you have to respect their tenacity, and with a little forethought, you can keep magpies away from your bird feeders.

Magpies and Birdfeeders: How to Keep Them Away

A birdfeeder placed where it can be seen adds color and charm to any garden. Beautiful tiny birds flitting around, savoring the feast you’ve prepared.

However, if the little birds at your bird feeder are being harassed by a few bully magpies, there are a few simple things you can take to calm down the airspace surrounding your house.

Magpies, which are related to crows and jays, are exceptionally clever birds. They’re cute in their own way, but their loud talk and raucous behavior can drown out other birds. You may need to persuade them to go so you can enjoy your feeder with the tiny birds it was designed for.

Using their size and the fact that they are smarter than many lesser birds to your advantage is the greatest approach to keep magpies away from your bird feeder without chasing the smaller birds.

Magpies are drawn to shiny stuff, as you may have heard. Scientific evidence, on the other hand, supports the contrary. Magpies seem to be terrified of shimmering objects.

Whatever strategy you choose to keep magpies away from your bird feeder, keep in mind that these birds are quite clever and will quickly notice if a threatening item hasn’t moved in a few days. The goal is to keep things moving and to rotate deterrents every few days.

It’s essential to remember that, as annoying as magpies might be, they’re simply doing what comes naturally to them: looking for food and shelter.

Because magpies are a protected migratory bird species, no deadly means may be used to kill them. You may, however, persuade birds not to use your bird feeder by outwitting their bird brains.

1 – Use squirrel-resistant bird feeders.

Most of the species you wish to bring to your bird feeder are bigger than magpies. They scare other birds with their size and loud calls.

However, their size might work against them when it comes to getting into tight spaces. Squirrels may deplete the food in your bird feeder, thus special bird feeders have been built to prevent them from doing so.

Larger birds, such as magpies, are kept at bay by squirrel-proof feeders. While they may still be hovering about in the hopes of a free snack, they will quickly grow agitated as they attempt to reach in for the feed.

Although squirrel-proof feeders are designed to keep squirrels and chipmunks out, bigger birds such as magpies cannot squeeze through the protective wire cage on the outside.

A word of caution concerning the base of squirrel-proof feeders with particularly thin bases. Birds may get their feet trapped in tight areas, according to some birders, particularly at the bottom where the gap is smaller. If you’re worried about this, put some broad tape around the feeder’s base.

2 – Get rid of the birdbath

While a birdbath and a bird feeder seem to be unrelated, magpies prefer birdbaths. If you have a birdbath, these loud birds are more likely to linger around in your yard and attempt to take over.

While taking away your friendly little birds’ favorite bathing location may seem extreme, you may only need to remove the birdbath for a few weeks. You may put it out again after your local magpies have migrated.

3 – Holographic pinwheels may be used.

Pinwheels were a favorite of ours as children. With only a little hit, the fascinating spiny tiny windmills appeared to spin indefinitely.

Magpies are constantly cautious, and their acute eyes are quick to catch any unusual activity, maybe as a consequence of turning into the tiny villains of the avian world. You can repel magpies by using the wind’s force to produce a flashing motion.

Pick up a few different-sized kids’ pinwheels from any toy shop and put them up in places where your neighborhood magpies prefer to perch. Holographic ones are ideal for this since they provide a reflecting flashing reflection.

Remember that the pinwheels will be exposed to the elements, so if you require them for a long time, you may need to invest in more durable, weather-resistant pinwheels.

4 – CDs that are reflecting should be hung.

Hanging old CDs is a fast and simple approach to confuse magpies and keep them away from certain places. Attach old CDs to fishing line at various heights in areas where they would reflect sunlight.

This is an excellent method to reuse CDs without spending any money. You may also connect many glossy cds lengthwise, separated by nylon strips. Magpies will be kept guessing by the CDs’ swirling, shimmering reflection.

5 – Make a spooky scarecrow.

For many years, crows and their relatives, magpies, have been a nuisance. Our forefathers coped with this problem by planting a scarecrow in the center of the fields they wanted to protect.

Humans are not trusted by magpies. Sure, they may be brazen and even swoop when they’re nesting or putting on a show to defend their young. Magpies, on the other hand, will often avoid approaching any creature bigger than themselves.

Make creating a scarecrow a fun endeavor by deciding on a location near to your bird feeder. You may outfit your scarecrow in old clothing or according to the seasons.

To keep the cunning tiny magpies cautious of the terrifying ‘person’ standing at your birdfeeder, change your scarecrow’s clothing and caps on a regular basis.

6 – Make Use Of Scary Eyes

Although you may have heard that magpies are terrified of eyes, there does not seem to be any good evidence that eyes have much of an impact on them on their own. A combination of reflected light and large eyeballs, on the other hand, is unquestionably a winning combination.

There are special pest-proof inflatable balloons that you may put near your bird feeder. While the other birds will rapidly get used to the large reflected eye placed against a bright yellow backdrop, the astute magpies will stay wary and avoid the area.

Guard’n Eyes, a bird-scaring balloon, is a safe and compassionate approach to keep magpies away from all the locations you wish to protect. Magpies are scared away by the unusual ‘horror eyes’ function, and your birdfeeder may once again become a peaceful haven.

Bird scare balloons may be used to deter magpies from munching on your fruit trees as well as keeping them away from your bird feeder.

Use Spiral Reflectors No. 7

Even the most determined magpie will be scared away by a dazzling wall of twisting holographic spirals. Most garden centers sell bird fright rods or bird blinders.

Spiral reflectors may be hanging from a roof’s edge or a tree limb near your bird feeder. Magpies will avoid the area, while smaller birds will be unconcerned with the flashing lights.

Hanging spirals and bird blinders are available in a variety of patterns and metallic tints, allowing you to match your holiday décor.

8 – Reflective Tape is a good idea.

Scare tape, often known as reflective tape, is a creative solution to keep magpies away from your bird feeders. The reflective tape may be strung to hang and twist in the wind or applied in strips near to the birdfeeder.

Bird deterrent tape is a simple and effective approach to keep magpies away from a certain location. You may choose certain areas to set your bird tape that will frighten away bothersome magpies without scaring smaller birds away from your bird feeder by studying where they land.

Bird tape has been effectively used to keep nuisance birds off porches and to prevent fruit-eating birds from damaging crops.

9 – Fill your water bottles with plastic bottles.

If you’re looking for a simple way to keep a magpie away from your birdfeeder, consider putting up some half-filled plastic water bottles.

Water bottles hung from the ceiling may not be the most appealing long-term solution. It’s not a magpie-repelling alternative, but it could urge a novice to stay going. Magpies are disturbed by the movement caused by half-filled water bottles swaying in the air, which reflects sunlight.

Using an Owl Decoy is number ten.

One of the most effective ways to keep magpies away from your bird feeder is to make them believe there is a predator nearby. After all, they don’t want to be on the receiving end of a hasty dinner!

Realistic-looking horned owl decoys with a revolving head will create an unwelcoming atmosphere for magpies. Try setting up a fake scare-owl near your bird feeder if magpies are bothering you.

Some scare owl decoys are solar-powered, so they don’t need batteries to keep scaring the magpies away from your birdfeeder —just another creative method to outwit the tiny bullies.

11 – Pet food should be kept inside.

Because magpies are clever and have evolved to consume a broad range of foods, they have become a thriving species. Magpies, unlike certain birds who can only consume fruit, seeds, or insects, have a broader diet.

If you see bully magpies at your bird feeder, it’s better to move anything delicious out of sight, otherwise they’ll keep hanging around despite your best magpie-proofing efforts.

Magpies won’t eat your dog’s food if it’s indoors or out of sight. These obnoxious little birds can effortlessly take pellets from open bowls and may even swoop down to attempt to force your dog to eat.

12 – Maintain a neat and tidy yard.

Magpies are inquisitive birds that will explore any location where they believe they may be able to get a quick meal. Magpies will be less attracted to your bird feeder if you keep the area surrounding it clean of clutter.

It’s a good idea to maintain trees properly trimmed in addition to keeping the yard clean and tidy. Magpies like dense foliage to nest in, making it more difficult to keep them away from a nearby feeder after they’ve established a territory.

Magpies are constantly on the lookout for insects and worms, so keep your rain gutters free of trash. They are quick to evaluate gutters that are clogged with leaves. They will rapidly divert their attention to and take over a bird feeder if one is nearby.

Last Thoughts

Magpies are very clever birds that rapidly exploit cheap food sources such as bird feeders. Keeping them at bay might be difficult.

Magpies won’t be able to get the seed if you use squirrel-proof feeders. Building a scarecrow, utilizing reflecting items, predator decoys, and making the surroundings as magpie-unfriendly as possible are some ways to fool the astute birds.

The “ultrasonic magpie deterrent” is a device that emits an ultrasonic sound that can scare away birds. The device comes in different sizes and has a range of up to 5 meters.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you keep magpies away but not other birds?

A: You can keep them away with a powerful deterrent device such as a citronella candle. Magpies are also known to be repelled by strong scents like lavender, citrus and peppermint oil.

How do you get rid of magpie birds?

A: Sadly, there is no way to remove magpie birds from your area. They are a common and natural occurrence in the United States and Canada.

What are magpies scared?

A: Magpies are afraid of anything that is bigger than them.

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